Ana Cocolo


Published Work

Speechwriting Competition 2020

The struggle of feminism in search of gender equality

 Well, I'm here to talk about a subject that moves me a lot and I believe that you, too, read:  the gender equality and the struggle of feminism. Do you know when all this started and reached what it is today?
 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the 4th World Conference on Women in Beijing, and even after so long the ambitious vision of the Beijing Declaration has not been fulfilled, only 10% of the world is led by women, despite advances yet much is needed for gender equality.
 It is time for actions to change the history of women and girls, worldwide, on average, women have only 75% of the legal rights of men. The change begins with female representation in leadership positions, places where decisions are made that affect people's lives. Investing in women and girls isn’t just a matter of rights, it’s  also a smart economic choice, with benefits for society often exceeding costs.
 Feminism is a...