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Equality for all!!
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You are good enough,
Don't let anyone tell you differently,
Including yourself

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You are amazing, beautiful, talented, loved, and you deserve to smile<3

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A thousand reasons (to smile)

You should smile;
Smiling makes you feel good,
A smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear,
Smiling makes others around you happy,
Which, in turn, would make you happy(I hope).

Smile because:
Your dog, cat, or other pet is an adorable dork;
Someone cares about you;
Because of chocolate and fruit(or your fav food);
Because of your fav tv show/movie/song;
Jokes and memes;
Inspirational quotes;
Seeing someone being selfless;
Doing something selfless;
Seeing the person you love most in the world content;
The feeling of walking into your heated house on a cold winter day;
Putting on warm clothes fresh from the dryer;
The smell of after rain,
Or the scent of baked treats fresh from the oven;
Watching the sun rise or set;
Admiring the starry night sky,
And maybe even seeing a shooting star!
Smile because you are amazing, talented, and beautiful.
Much more than you think. 
Just trying to be kind is enough.
Smile because

You Are Enough

You are enough,
That is not a bluff,
Trust me when I say
​You are enough.

You are strong,
​You've made it this long,
After all,
​Because of your strength. 

You are pretty,
Be witty,
You really are pretty,
​No, you are beautiful. 

You are perfect,
So don't let your mind effect
That, imperfections are part of being human,
And your imperfections are perfect. 

​You are far more than good enough.

​Remember that.

Don't be sad

Don't be sad because you deserve to be happy,
Even if you don't know why you're sad, 
Let yourself cry,
Don't be ashamed, 
It shows your strong not weak,
You deserve to be happy,
You deserve to smile and laugh,
You'll be fine,
You're strong,
There is always light at the end of the tunnel,
Even if you have to travel hundreds of miles to get to it,
It's there,
Waiting for you, 
Telling you not to be sad,
Because somewhere out there, 
Someone loves you,
Don't be sad because you can do this,
Believing in yourself is key,
If you look in the direction of the sun,
You won't see your shadow. 

Light Switch

If life get's darker
Than you want, don't forget to
Look for the light switch. 

Autum's coming

Autumn's coming, 
The trees,
Turning beautifully from green 
To red,

Autumn's coming, 
The air,
Feels crisp and moist
And fresh, 

Autumn's coming, 
The leaves,
Drifting down from the grey blue sky, 
Dancing in the wind, 

Autumn's coming, 
The birds, 
Already saying their bittersweet 

Autumn's coming, 
A crunch, 
When I step with winter

Autumn's coming, 
A chill breeze, 
A shiver, 
But beauty beyond compare. 

After rain

After rain,
It's like the world
Washed away all the sadness,
The animals returning, 
The sky getting brighter,
And the little droplets,
Still sitting on the leaves
Of trees and grass and flowers, 
The smell, 
The puddles,
Showing reflections,
Telling you you're beautiful,
Because you are,
And that the world 
Is beautiful too, 
And then you see it,
Lighting up the sky, 
A rainbow. 

Spread the light

Spread all the
Light, positivity, and joy. 

I know it's hard in these times,
When everything is so dark. 

But think of it this way; the darker the sky is
The brighter the stars. 

Tell your loved ones you love them today,
Because we don't know what's to come tomorrow. 

And don't forget to treat yourself with the same kindness
You'd treat your best friend or closet family member with.

Rather than worry about what's enough, 
Worry about whether you are living to your fullest potential.

Love yourself and your life,
Because there is only one you. 



About a lot of things.


About the meaning of life.


About where this road will take me.


About how some else can have much different beliefs than me. 


About where my journey will end.


About who I have impacted and in what way. 

I have so many,
That life leaves unanswered,
For a long time,
Or even eternity. 

I'll just be curious, 
Forever without answers.

A simple crush

Dark chocolate hair,
Amber Eyes to get lost in, 
But better be aware,
Of my stare,

A perfectly proportional face, 
Creamy tan skin, 
All that grace,
Knocking my heart into space,

Bright red cheeks, 
Heat rising, 
When he speaks, 
My excitement peaks,

What to say,
Where to look, 
Did I slay,
This day, 

He's a simple crush, 
Nothing more,
So shush,
Because he's a simple crush.