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"Potential is nothing if it's never lived up to"
- Councillor Terik

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Books I have read and recommend:

-Keeper of the Lost Cities (Shannon Messenger)

-Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)
Dystopian Future

-Dragons in our Midst (Bryan Davis)

-The Cooper Kids (Frank E. Peretti)
Adventure/Christian Fiction/Mystery

-Passages: The Marus Manuscripts (Paul McCusker)
Adventure/Christian Fantasy

-The Bible (God of all creation)

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My adventure at the Hospital that never seems to end...


So today I went to the hospital, for a broken finger. I was expecting it to be an easy assessment.  It has been hurting for about a month, and not getting better.

I swear basketball is out to get me. First it breaks my glasses, now fractured and dislocated my middle finger.

When we first go to the hospital, one out of 2 of the ticket dispensers weren't working at the parking garage so every one had to wait in...

1 day ago

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