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"It's not enough to be against something. You have to be for something better." - Tony Stark

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Hello! I love acting, singing, performing, and obviously writing. I love any books in the historical fiction and mystery genres and some dystopian (well I mean I'm open to any genre). As for movies and shows, I'll really watch anything with romance, comedy, drama, or action.

Just_A_Memory and I are collaborating on a series called "Hate Me, Push Me, Break Me". We hope you enjoy it!! :)

Currently reading Little Women, but I'm always open to book suggestions!

Hope you're having a great day :)

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Watching From My Window

PROMPT: Creative Nonfiction Competition 2020

March 13th. I had been sick for the past few days. My flu test had come back positive, which was a relief because I didn't have "it". 

I was told that school was going to be all online for the next few weeks. My mind didn't know what to think. Was it exciting that we didn't have to go to school? Yes, I decided. Yes, it was. 

My first day of online class was the following Monday after Friday the...

Seeking Peer Reviews

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