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"Thank you for your consideration." - Katniss Everdeen

"I get emails from a raccoon. So, nothing sounds crazy anymore." - Natasha Romanoff

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Hello! I love acting, singing, performing, and obviously writing. I love any books in the historical fiction and mystery genres and some dystopian (well I mean I'm open to any genre). As for movies and shows, I'll really watch anything with romance, comedy, drama, or action.

I constantly start stories, though I rarely finish them.

Just_A_Memory and I are collaborating on a series called "Hate Me, Push Me, Break Me". We hope you enjoy it!! :)

Currently reading Breathe by Sarah Crossan, but I'm always open to book suggestions!

Hope you're having a great day :)


katnissromanoff (United States) published:

The Candy Dish

PROMPT: Memory Object

    The candy dish sits there, undisturbed. I had been told that my great-great-grandmother had originally owned it. Then it had passed down to my grandmother, my mother, and hopefully one day, me.
    The glass knobs keeping it standing upright look in pristine condition. The copper-colored waves ripple around the edge. Delicate designs are made in the glass and show a paisley-like design. There are textured swirls all over the dish. I am in awe every time I look...

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