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September 8, 2020
I don't understand a thing
I try to do the best I can
I know you try to do the same. <3

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Hello, Hello, and Hi
Frostsky Myths
AmpleLife Stories
-I swear I'm working on it.
Flash Fictions (FF)
-When I've got time ;)
oxygen for
my brain
and heart
both cannot live
without the other
yet how do they
survive together

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Melancholy Celestial (United States) published:

Home, is two.

PROMPT: Home’s Essence

Home, is hearing the sound of familiar notes.
It is the breeze through the windows kicking up dust.
And pothos that wind down the cabinets.

Home, is piles of books because the shelves are full.
It is birds ad squirrels through the windows.
And each has a name.

Home, is yellow-lit, with a few bulbs out.
It is a night of midnight blue.
And it is never silent.

Home, is not one place.
It is two that are different; unique. ...

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Melancholy Celestial (United States) published:

In defense of self interest.

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition: 2021

I've always had a problem
with my selflessness
because to be honest
it isn't

every kind thing I've done
is a product of me
realizing that I benefited
Is that okay? Possibly

It will make me feel superior
helping you up off the floor
that's why I'm doing it
self-esteem restored

but as long as I don't bother
I define it as self-interest
better for my moral code
then saying that I'm selfish

I believe there's a difference
between the...
Seeking Peer Reviews

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Melancholy Celestial (United States) published:

Rain, for I ache ever so.

PROMPT: The Art of Specificity

In the evening I lie on my bed and feel the music through my headphones calm my body.

When I decide it's time for sleep, I crawl into bed and slip my headphones on. Piano music and the sound of rain seeps through my ears, and the familiar melodies whisper to my tense everything to relax.

Once my eyes are ache and my muscles bounce from weariness, I drag myself up the ladder and try not to...

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