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The World's Worst Menu (Source by Aesop's fable)

When out in the world we commonly and frequently see people consume mainly chicken and vegetables. In the USA
airports and malls, a Japanese raw fish is served to the people. Now in numerous countries, you can find unusually prepared food that they so call is edible. Cambodians like to use tarantula as a special dish that they cook and dip in garlic. You may find some Chinese people that grill scorpion on a twig. If grilled scorpion sounds bad enough go to south Korea an older a live squirming octopus from their menu. Next, we have Escambles which is young fried ants but is a very special dish from Mexico with an unusual flavor. If your a chocolate lover then Thailand is where you are meant to be, for they serve chocolate-covered-silkworms for desert. So thanks for looking at the world's worst menu, I hope you enjoy your dinner and don't complain if you get broccoli, cauliflower, or even zucchini soup for you could of been eating dung beetles, or...

Waking up to be a 15 years old girl.

One day you wake up and roll out of bed thinking it's a Friday. But then again you look at your phone and notice it's a Monday and you have to be at school. But that ain't bad until yore mom comes in running saying"Hey first day of school as a fifteen year old" wait what your 15 years old as you turn around and see your self in the mirror... FIVE HOURS later, not really but I did seem like it. Well, one reason why you're still looking in the mirror is that there is a mammoth bump in the middle of your forehead, then you feel something rigid oh no do you have braces. So then you open up your mouth and smile as you see that they are black braces. What the heck you're thinking why would I choose just plain old black. Then your mom says " get dressed and come down and eat your food...


 Roger Sherman was born in (1721) and he died in (1793) he was 72 years old when he died.

Sherman is best known for signing the Continental Association, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the U.S. Constitution. He was later elected to the House of Representatives and the senate. Sherman also served as the mayor of New Haven.

Sherman believed in a self-made man with the power of common sense and the ability to compromise, Sherman was completely dedicated to public service at both state and national levels. He had a hand in the creation of the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution.

Sherman’s plan was the Connecticut compromise (also known as the Great compromise of 1787 or Sherman compromise) was an agreement that the large and small states reached during the constitutional convention of 1787 that in part defined the legislative branch structure and representation that each state would have under...


Who found new jersey/sir George Carter and lord Berkley.
When did Sir George carter and lord Berkley find New Jersey / 1664
What. Can you tell us what happened / okay
New Jersey is 1 of 4 of the middle colonies. The four in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.
New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey these colonies all had one thing in common. They were settled for trade and profit.
Like New York and New Jersey originally settled by the Dutch.
From 1664 to 1702 the New Jersey colonies were divided into east jersey and west jersey. Each had its own constitution. The border was never firmly established and often in dispute.
In 1702 east jersey and west jersey became one ruler colony. Its first governor was Edward Hyde, lord cornbury. Who proved to be corrupt?
After lord cornbury was sent back to England. The New Jersey colony was ruled by...


Who found New Hampshire / Captain John Mason.
When did Captain John find New Hampshire / 1622?
What Can you tell us about what happens / okay?

Captain John Mason was given a land grant from the council for New England in 1622 which helped him find the New Hampshire colony. The New England colonies including the New Hampshire colony were dominated by the puritans who refused to tolerate any religion outside their own.

Major industries in the New Hampshire colony included fishing, l livestock farming, potato farming, manufacturing to textiles, and building ships. The new Hampshire colony along with the other three New England colonies experienced long cold winters and mild summers. The cold temperatures made it more difficult for diseases to thrive, unlike in the warmer climate of the southern colonies. The geography of the New Hampshire colony included plateaus, mountains, hilly terrain, and low coastal regions. The rocky land made it difficult to plant crops.

Natural resources...


What is the legislative branch?
The legislative branch is in charge of making laws. It is made up of congress and several government agencies. Congress has two parts: the House of Representatives and the senate. Members of the House of Representatives and the senate are both voted into office by American citizens in each state.
Who is the head of the legislative branch?
The legislative branch is also known as congress has two leaders: the speaker of the house and the senate majority leader. Each is the leader of their specific house of congress.
Who is the main person in the legislative branch?
The legislative branch of the federal government, composed primarily of the U.S. Congress, is responsible for making the county’s laws. The members of the two houses of Congress: the House of Representatives and the senate.
What branch declares war?
The constitution grants congress the sole power to declare war.
Who has the power...

Historical Fiction Competition 2020

Jean Dorothy Fernsby

Dorothy Arline Benson was married to Edward Waldemar Fernsby which the date and location are unknown. But November 15, 1935, Marshalltown, IA was a newborn baby girl named Jean Dorothy Fernsby. Her family was Lutheran and of Swedish, English, and German ancestry. Her paternal grandfather, Edward Carlson, arrived in the U.S. in 1882 and observed, "there are too many Carlsons in the New World". So he decided to change the family's last name to Fernsby in memory of the water and mountains of Sweden. Jean had two little sisters Mary-Ann (born. August 27, 1936) and Amelia-Lya(born December 13, 1945) and also five other little brothers Kurt (born. June 1, 1942) and David (February 2, 19 – March 24, 1939, who was killed in a car accident at the age of eighteen. and Jeremy(born November 9, 1948) and William(born 25, 1952), and the other twin was Jacob(born 25, 1952) but ran away to live with his wife on the frontier and was...

The Salt Merchant and His Pony { Source by Aesop's fable}

  A Peddler drove his Pony to the seashore to buy salt. His road home lay across a stream into which his old Pony, making a false step, slipped by accident and rose up again with his load considerably lighter, as the water melted the salt in the sack. The grumpy Peddler retraced his steps and refilled his panniers with a larger quantity of salt than before, because he was upset with the pony.
 When he came again to the stream, which the chubby pony fell down on purpose in the same spot, and regaining his feet with the weight of his load much diminished, brayed triumphantly, as if he had obtained what he desired. Because the peddler discovered his trick he drove him for the third time to the coast, where he bought a cargo of sponges instead of salt.
 The naughty Pony, again playing the fool, purposely fell down when he reached the crooked stream because the sponges...

What is your mother serving for Dinner tonight...

"Okay time for dinner," says your mom. You and your three other siblings and two other adults come and sit down with all anxious stomachs waiting to see what you are eating for dinner. Although while sitting in your seat your mind is going through all the worst possible things that your mom has for the main dish.

Number one could be that leftover broccoli soup that you had LAST week. And you are eating it again then will your mom have to force it down your mouth so you will eat it. Well, there was one reason why I did eat it last time. My tricky mother put up the ice cream for dessert and you know when you live with seven people that all like ice cream you know there's no leftovers when there's salted caramel ice cream for grapes. Okay, so you think broccoli soup is bad. But when you let your mind go free you can come up with some crazy Chinese foods that could come...


This is a made-up story about a girl that is 12 years old and her mother, father, sister, and bother.

1607 Day 1. Dear mother and little sister Olivia we just now set sell. I asked father what it might be like their father said he does not know what it would be like. But I think it would be like is trees of all kinds and so many different kind of exotic food there. There would be so much new stuff there to mother oh I better go to bed now.

Day 4. Last night it was really rocky. A lot of us were awake almost all night. We did not get much so much sleep. I asked bother if he got any sleep last night. Bother said he did not really get any sleep last night. I think I am the only one who sometimes likes the rocky boat only because it gives me butterflies which is fun....


President Jackson's acts of criminal disobedience of the Supreme Court’s decision were responsible for the broken hearts and lost lives along the trail of tears.

Early history in conflict the Cherokee land was originally in modern-day Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama.

Their first contact was Europeans was with Ananda De Soto and his troops in 1540.
In the early 1600s, the Cherokee's began trading with the British colonists. They treated animal skins things such as gun cloth glass and tools. Trade changes the Cherokee culture immensely they didn’t need to hunt and form to survive anymore. They could simply trade for what they had for even better things.

They fought alongside the British in both of the French and Indian war and the revolutionary war.
When the Americans won the war they took away some of the Cherokees’ land for their own towns and villages.
Before the Indians removal act, the Cherokees had been recognized by...

The Dragon and the Knight [ Source from Aesop's fable]

  The dragon, soaring through the sky, wearily landed in the dark forest because he was exhausted. He got a thorn in his paw, which caused him to roar and moan, but to no avail. After struggling and failing to extract the small barb with his clumsy teeth and soft mouth, the dragon finally hobbled to the edge of the dark forest where he peered a knight riding his horse.

        Who pathetically limping to the knight, he lowered his wings and bowed his head as if to
say “I will not harm you because I only seek your aid.” The attentive Knight got off his horse to examine the beast, discovered the thorn, and placing his paw upon his lap, easily pulled it out. Thus relieved of his pain, the dragon returned back to the dark forest once again.

        Sometime after, the knight was falsely accused and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. Finally, he was...

The Farmer and His Sons [ Source from Aesop's fable]

A hardworking farmer stricken by an illness that was about to take his own life, he wished to be sure that his farm would continue to prosper and that his family would be taken care of which his sons were very lazy, and he was afraid that they would carelessly tend the land. So he quickly called his sons to his bedside and said “my sons, there is
a great treasure hid in one of my fields.” So the sons grabbed their spades and mattocks after their father’s death and carefully dug over every portion of the land. The sons were frustrated to find no trace of treasure. However, because of their thorough “plowing,” the fields yielded an extraordinarily, abundant crop that year, and so the family survived comfortably. Lastly, the sons realized that the “treasure” their father had spoken of was really the fruit of their own labor.  


In 1773, the 13 colonies were a rather happy place. They were prosper, content, and still felt connected to the British Empire. However in just a few short years all of this would change. During the years of 1773-1776 the 13 colonies became more UN happy with the British Empire. They felt unfairly taxed, heavily monitored, and ignored when problems were presented. As these problems became more obvious. Deeper issues such of protocol differences came to light. The two sides became more confrontational, and the 13 colonies were ready to declare themselves free from the British Empire. In 1774, the continental congress was formed. The group sent a list to King George the 3rd declaring grievances with England. This list was ignored, so they sent a second list. When the second list was again ignored the colonists decided to rebel and declare their independence. Five people were appointed to write the declaration of independence the document that established the United...

South Dakota 2nd Paper

Ward was instrumental in the founding of Yankton College, the first collegiate-rank institution of the upper Mississippi Valley, and served as its president. He played an important part in keeping school lands out of the control of eastern speculators. He was the first president of the Yankton Board of Education. He also helped establish in 1879 the Dakota Hospital for the Insane.
Ward was a leader in the movement for South Dakota statehood, serving as a delegate to the various conventions and as a member of the 1885 committee to present the petition for statehood to Congress. He drafted much of the constitution and was chairman of the committee charged with keeping the convention records. He composed the state motto and wrote the description for the state seal. Bedridden and unable to attend the final constitutional convention in 1889, he died on December 11, 1889.
Why/ Because there were no public school funds, Ward opened a private school, which...

South Dakota

General William Henry Harrison Beadle was DSU’s third president, from 1889-1905. The school bore his name from 1947 to 1969, as General Beadle State Teachers College and then General Beadle State College. A native of Indiana, Beadle was a Civil War veteran, a personal friend of President Abraham Lincoln, and was appointed to several important posts during South Dakota’s formative years before statehood. A lawyer by training, he wrote nearly all the Codes of Dakota. He is known for having the foresight, statesmanship and perseverance to work for legislation to preserve school lands, and was nicknamed “The Dakota’s Grand Old Man.” The bronze statue on the DSU campus was erected in 1937, with contributions from alumni, faculty and friends. A marble statue of the same likeness stands in the South Dakota State Capitol; a third is in the U.S. National Statuary Hall in Washington D.C., a bronze statue given by the state in 1938.

*Who it is of/...

The Sea Wasp [ My Source is from Aesop's fables original story.]

 The sea wasp is the most venomous jellyfish of its family which it’s poisoning ability is greater than a Snake. In its search for food of small dwelling shrimp, the sea wasp often goes closely to shore, and to the beach swimmers who stung by the sea wasp have died in the few seconds it takes them to stagger back to shore. It is nearly transparent and can be difficult to see. It is not found in the oceans close to America nor Europe, it can be considered the scourge of Australia’s beaches. The tiny small blob of Neurotoxin can kill over fifty people which has been called the deadliest creature alive.  


The decision to sign the Declaration of Independence is not to be taken lightly. There are things to consider. I have to weigh the good and bad.

First, let's consider the pros. By signing this document, it is the start of a new nation. This means we have to build it stronger than the nation we are choosing to leave. We can use it to build our new nation by taking good parts and removing bad parts. We will be in control of our own laws and taxes and freedom will be ours forever. Our voices will be heard from the poor all the way to the richest.

Now let's consider the cons. By signing this document, it will bring the war to our nation. Many young men will have to defend our decision and many will lose their lives. Then there may also be men who choose to take the side of England.
our nation could be divided. Death...