Michael Purkiss


just a guy writing stuff :/

Published Work


    Max looked at the clock on the wall next to him; it was getting late, but he needed to keep working. “UGH! Why do we have to do this?!” Max groaned in annoyance. He hated I.T. but this project determined whether or not he passed summer school, and he couldn’t do another year in that hell. It was due in the morning, so Max kept himself going. At about 11:00 pm Max started getting tired. He couldn’t keep going, so he got up and made some coffee. Max’s parents never allowed him to drink coffee, but he was feeling like a rebel and always wanted to try some, so that’s what he did. He then went back to work. While he was working his computer vibrated, and because this has never happened before, he jumped up in shock, dropping his coffee all over himself and his laptop. Max was stunned as his computer buzzed violently for a few seconds...