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I am a student with big dreams and ambition, who enjoys writing for fun. Any constructive criticism or positive feedback is always welcome!

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"If your dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough." -Unknown

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Overall great poem! Maybe you might want to be a little more detailed or vague with some of the lines (let the mind do a bit more guesswork?) but overall it is a great poem with a very truthful and realistic message about a trait that is often made to seem fake and like people are born with it. You really drive the point that courage relies on circumstance.

over 4 years

Froot Loop

PROMPT: All Talk

This is a fantastic little story that made me feel all happy and fluffy! Keep writing!

about 5 years

and this is how you start over.

PROMPT: Quartet

This is so beautifully written! The message it conveys is powerful and the style makes everything so much more effective! Keep on writing!

about 5 years

The Open Confession

PROMPT: All Talk