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Writing has been my deepest and longest passion. I am part of Scouting, and have paved the path for girls to join Boy Scouts of America. I really enjoy nature, and being outside, and my love for the natural world is evident in my writing works.

Message from Writer

Hi! My name is Tara Prakash, and I love to write. Essays, stories, poems, prose... anything with words and language appeals to me. I care strongly about the environment, and use my curiosity of the natural world around me in all my works. As you'll see in my writing, I love astronomy, and stars, and many of my pieces circulate around the theme of light - starlight, sunlight, inner light. Light plays a large role in my pieces, because I think light is such a complicated law of life.

Please give me feedback on all my work - I shared it with you for your opinions, and for fresh writing eyes! Thank you.

Published Work

Forever Sky (sestina)

It takes 8.3 minutes for our star’s light to reach us. When we look at the sky
We are looking into the past. 
A sky is a map of history. I look up in the darkness, into the vastness above
Me. I can’t help but wonder if you are one of those pinpricks of light,
Pulsing, twinkling at me. I wish I could’ve told you I loved you, Grandfather, but time
Rivered wrinkles into your body, scarred your memory 

With the art of forgetting, scattered recollections drifting slowly through your memory, 
Just as starlight fades in the early morning sky.
Those three words wouldn’t mean anything to you. If I could freeze time, Grandfather,
I would, I would give you a box of the past, 
Of good-night stories, playing in the waves, summer evenings bathed in firefly light, 
So I wouldn’t have to look into the darkness above 

To find you, I would have been in your arms and we’d...