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Writing has been my deepest and longest passion. I am part of Scouting, and have paved the path for girls to join Boy Scouts of America. I really enjoy nature, and being outside, and my love for the natural world is evident in my writing works.

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Hi! My name is Tara Prakash, and I love to write. Essays, stories, poems, prose... anything with words and language appeals to me. I care strongly about the environment, and use my curiosity of the natural world around me in all my works. As you'll see in my writing, I love astronomy, and stars, and many of my pieces circulate around the theme of light - starlight, sunlight, inner light. Light plays a large role in my pieces, because I think light is such a complicated law of life.

Please give me feedback on all my work - I shared it with you for your opinions, and for fresh writing eyes! Thank you.

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