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5 things not to have in your wardrobe


1. A bowl of candy, because it encourages rotten tooth.
2. Feet, because it scares people whenever it isn't Halloween and they unsuspiciously pull out the drawer.
3. A map of your house, it makes you know too much about your home.
4. A new skillet, it doesn't work effectively as rusted ones do when aiming for rats
5. Two spoons, you need just one when it comes to measuring the holes on your outfits.

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Faux Ami


I woke up with a bad headache that screamed your voice
In the tendrils of my larynx, two slits of your nails came up with choice,
Where were you when I was needing a pinch of your tone?
Since you left me doubtful, I've gargled acetone,
Are you the morning sun that never comes in mid-June or is darkness your favorite colour?
I'm tired of plain words, let's try sarcasm cause it's the only language you speak.

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