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i love tulips for no reason..?

Message from Writer

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”- John W. Gardner

“Direction is so much more important than speed. Many are going nowhere fast.”

“If you’re absent during my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success.”

“The darkest nights produce the brightest stars”

Published Work

Creative Nonfiction Competition 2020

There isn't a day I don't reflect upon myself

If there was one thing quarantine taught me, it was to not waste any of my time when I had the opportunity to live my life. And you might be wondering, What in the world are you even talking about?, or What exactly do you mean? The truth is, I don't really know what I mean, except for the fact that I know that I procrastinated for way too long in grade 7. I wasted my time when Corona didn't pay a visit, and I actually genuinely regret it---in fact, I almost hate myself for it. 

Though I suppose it'd be a better idea if I tell you a little bit about myself first---I mean, this is about me after all. Like what kind of storyteller would I be if I never told you guys about myself---I know, a ridiculous one as a matter of fact. But anyways, instead of yapping about how ridiculous of a storyteller I am, I may as...

what does life really stand for?

every dream you've had?

every emotion you feel?

please tell me, 

because i feel           emotional            now. 
                       very                    right

Why I Write

Why I write

when i escape to another dimension full of scripts that are full of emotions, i feel safe. i feel like i'm in my second home. i feel as if i'm the only one who's living in this world. 

i feel like myself.

when i trap my mind away from reality, i feel comfortable. i feel like there's nothing to worry about, and that everything is going to be okay. 

i feel like myself.

when i imagine, when i think, and when i close my eyes, i see new wonders ahead of me---they run away when i try to catch them---they escape from my grasp when i do catch them. 

i feel like myself. 

whenever i feel down, i cuddle up with my imagination. because once i do, 

i feel like myself again. 


Novel Writing Competition 2020

Ao Dai



The stones bounced over the ever so gentle river. The air was crisp, and the birds sang cheerful tunes. As the wind tingled Lieu’s spine, she gracefully skipped along, and whispered, "Too far," while shaking her head as she picked the stones back up again.

This time she threw the stones a little more softer—a little too soft, though. 


Lieu wanted them to land on the lily pad, but it never seemed to happen. 

They bounced and landed at the rear of the river; almost in, but not yet. She sighed, "These stones are more stubborn than when Bà Sáu loses in Rong Ran Len May," and was about to kick them as hard as she could—though she couldn't, because her father was standing behind her; watching.

"You need to find your steadiness Lieu." her dad stated—though his voice got trailed off from the wind.

What's the point?

My parents: "TINA!" (that's my name if you didn't know)

Me: *walks over to their room*

My dad: "Did you steal your phone last night?

Me: "What do you think?" (xD ik that was kinda savage)

My mom: "Well we won't know unless you tell us."

Me: "Well, I don't know what you're talking about."

My mom: "Oh yes you do. Come right here."

My thoughts: Well what's the point of telling them if I know that they know that I know that they know that I stole my phone last night?

~another day full of randomness~


l                                                                               :,)

That Sort of Person

She's That Sort of Person [Part one of "That Sort of Person"] (Read Footnotes!)

1. She's that sort of person who answers all of your questions even if they're dumb

2. She's that sort of person who always replies back to your messages right away

3. She's that sort of person who understands the weird side of you

4. She's that sort of person who would rarely buy anything because she's busy making them herself

5. She's that sort of person who you can have those deep conversations with

6. She's that sort of person who changes their "favourite colour" all the time

7. She's that sort of person who apologizes for even the littlest things

8. She's that sort of person, who no matter what, you can't get mad at

9. She's that sort of person who would always take the last crumbs of chips

10. She's that sort of person, who feels like your sister, even though she's not

Speechwriting Competition 2020

Stronger Together <3

Link to the audio recording -->
Please don't judge! (/:)

Our world is a home. A home where everyone belongs. It's a place where everyone should feel safe and loved. Not ashamed and scared, or angry and sad. Everyone should be treated with acceptance. Everyone should be acknowledged of their presence. No one should be ashamed of who they are as a person. Yet, despite the many years of dreadful experiences of discrimination and inequality, people still haven't shown that they care. All they do is just shop, go on their phones, and watch TV like the world isn't even theirs to protect. Like it's something that doesn't even concern them.  

I've seen people throw their garbage on the ground like it's something they do everyday. I've seen people bully other people because they don't "live up to their expectations". And I've seen through the eyes of a bystander; just standing at the scene of unacceptable discrimination towards others....

Forever and Always: The dream that wasn't just a dream (Check footnotes!)

The wind slams into Alexandra's body as  she tries to keep moving. Leaves slowly die right before her very eyes. The hope of making it to Mark slowly fades away from her heart. But, she keeps moving.

"Just one more mile", she said, with a little faith in herself.

Snow falls down and covers the ground like a white, chilly blanket. Her fingers and toes gradually get numb as she pulls her body inches forward. Though the sky darkens; she knew it was time for bed. But where could she sleep? Surely sleeping in the snow would be a very risky, but she had no choice.

"It's already night?" Alexandra questioned.

"That was quite quick."

Alexandra's feet barely scooched her towards a small den that was about her body size. She reluctantly laid down; the ground was very cold. Her eyes were drooping, and her body felt both numb and exhausted. it was already 9.

"I'll sleep for 5 hours,...

Forever and Always: (PART 2) The Letter

Alexandra was determined to find Mark. She was eager to see him after those long months of waiting for his arrival. However, as seasons passed by, and as butterflies flew west, winter was now right around the corner. Alexandra could not hold it in any longer. She was as eager as a mouse trying to find its cheese. (LOL! SORRY, BAD REFERENCE) So, without a second thought, she put on her fur coat, and her boots. 

"And where do you think you're going, young lady?" Her mom asked, waiting for an immediate response.
"I was planning to fetch our family some chicken for dinner tonight." She answered right away. Her mom knew she was up to no good.
"At this type of weather?"
"Yes. Do you have a problem with me helping out the family, mother?" Alexandra asked, as innocently as she possible could.
"Not at all. Carry on." Her mom was surprised to see her daughter being so productive,...

Forever and Always: (PART 1) The Letter

It was a gloomy day. Rain poured down very hard; it did not feel like summer. However, in spite of the bad weather, Alexandra decided to get herself some coffee. As she made her way down the front step, she noticed a messenger bird flying in her direction. As it laid the letter in front of her, she picked it up, and read: 

My Dearest Alexandra, 

I do not know how to apologize for my selfish behaviour. I have left you without any notice, and I am truly sorry for leaving you like that. By the time you read this, I'm probably off to war. Well, I hope that that makes you less mad at my sudden disappearance. 

My father is very unreasonable. He said, "War first. Then love." He threatened to punish me if I hadn't done so. But I made the wrong decision. I should've resisted. I should've ran away. I should've came to you. But I didn't....

i thank the wind

It was 11 at night. I kept on rolling on my bed; the impulsive thought of sneakily going out of my room at this time of day to get the book which I’m on the last chapter of, kept swirling around in my head. The last thing I would want is to be grounded “for life”, but I was just on the last chapter of this book; the last sentence of the second last chapter left me on a cliffhanger! But the problem was, I left it outside in the living room! AHHHHHHHH!!!


me: "should i....?" 

me: "or should i not....?"

*tries to decide if it's worth breaking the "good streak" I had with my dad for not getting grounded*


me: "y'know what, screw it."

*tries to get off bed without making the creaking noise the frame of the bed makes*

*puts on slides*


*takes of slides* <-- (Probably because they make A LOT of noise)


too much homework may actually "not be good for you"

Note: School just started

Teacher: "So class...." 
"I know that I've been assigning you guys a fine amount of homework, so I was thinking..."
your thoughts: more like, way too much homework.

Teacher: "Since you all have been doing an AWESOME job on your assignments, I have planned something fun for us to do!" 

"How does that sound?" 

your thoughts: what could the teacher possibly think is "fun"???

*awkward silence*

Teacher: "Umm... hey you!" "With the green shirt!" "Please hand out these sheets to everybody."

Person with the green shirt: "ok."

*after he handed out all of the sheets*

*your eyes make contact with the title of the page: ​'Fun colouring math worksheet.'

your thoughts: saw the word math, now i'm not interested in any of this "fun" anymore. 
Teacher: "Okay. Please get out your protractor, ruler, a pencil, pen, and some of your favourite pencil crayons!!!"

someone in the class: "is this getting marked?"

Teacher: "Ahhhhh.... yes. It...

i am like, bored, sooooooo

BOLD = My heart  Italics = My brain

ok so the teacher says to finish up the Math assignment... 


wait, what....?

OMG, we were supposed to do that last week, she's taking it up rn!!!! 

bro, chill. 

we can figure this out together. 


Yes we can.

nO, we can't.

stop. jUsT StOp. 

this is your fault.

and why is that...?

if we didn't go on Instagram that day, we would've finished the assignment already. 

and YOU are the one who chose to do that.

bro, I think you are thinking about another day. 

I didn't go on Instagram on Friday. 

today is Monday. 




so, 7 squared is 49, and-



are you dumb or are you dumb..?

if it's to the power of 2 we are talking about, it has to 14.


and 7 times 2 is 14, am I wrong?



we learned this last year....

Dear students out there who are doing online school,

Welp, there you have it. Another set of months stuck inside my house. Just when I finally was about to escape my home, COVID-19 comes out of nowhere and now here I am, back inside again. Y'know, staying home isn't usually that problematic for me. It's just that since I've stayed inside for months or so, I would HAVE to eventually get bored, which in my case is what's happening. I don't know about you, but my parents are really cautious about the virus. Even though in general they are strict, Corona made them even MORE strict than usual. No going outside for fun occasions, no exercise and fresh air, and worst of all, no GOING TO SCHOOL. Everyday seems like a dread​; just waking up every morning knowing that I won't be able too see my friends. It really sucks..... ://// But I tend to look at things in a more positive way. I mean, if you're not GOING...

Historical Fiction Competition 2020

Last Glimpse of Happiness (Comment 4 Comment) (SEE FOOTNOTES!)

 Dear Diary,         May 27th, 1940

 It was the last that I saw of my dad; he was leaving our home with these tall men, for which I believe that they were the so-called, “NAZI SOLDIERS” everyone in Oswiecim was so terrified of. But how everyone found out about these people was from a girl around my age. (10) She apparently overheard a conversation of three men, who all wore the same uniform as the two men who I last saw with my dad. The girl, (whose name is Hanna), said that she heard one of them, (who had neatly combed his hair and had a very exceptional mustache), explain in German of a procedure he had in mind. This procedure was to take many people who he thought were disgraceful in hostage; forcing them into labor, in order for their workforce to be more powerful. They chuckled, and the man continued to explain more of his...