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Published Work

Historical Fiction Competition 2020

War is an Inkblot

Gunfire and rushing wind scream through the sky, burning my ears. The enemy plane is just a few metres away. If I can get this shot, we win the battle, I aim, shoot, and hit my target. But not before he hits his. The German plane explodes into a fiery cloud of nothingness. The plane beside me, the one belonging to my best friend and adopted brother Tommy, explodes as well. A hoarse scream struggles to escape my dry throat. Not Tommy. No, he can’t be hit. Not Tommy. The remains of his flying vehicle fall to the ground, and I zoom after him. I jump out of the plane before it even lands, and sprint over to the wreck. My hands dig through metal sheets and propellers, trying to see some glimpse of my brother. He’s not dead. He’s not. He can’t be. I find the body. I struggle to pull him away from the machine. I lie him...

Fatal Return- Chapter 2

It's kind of hard to take someone seriously when they're hanging upside down over your levitating bed. That's why when Zyla asked me if I was planning on taking anyone else to Earth apart from me and her, I nearly threw a rock at her. By accident, of course.
"It's a great idea!" Zyla protests.
I fiddle with the purple shiny rock. Yeah, right. A great idea.
"Noooo. If we risk telling anyone else about this, they might tell the A-bots, and we could get in huge trouble." If the Authority Robots, or as they are most commonly known, the A-bots, found out about our plan to travel to Earth, we'd probably be put in the cells for a very long time. I can't risk anyone else finding out about the plan.
"Besides, most people have taken the drink," I say, "so nobody will be able to survive the trip apart from us." I brush my gaze across my purple...

Fatal Return- Chapter 1

Plonking one spaceboot in front of the other is like walking through sticky mud. I turn and smile at Zyla, but she probably can't see it through this massive helmet. I sit down and look out the spaceship window. This could be the last time I see Earth. It's not pretty. The sky is an evil grey colour, and there's not a speck of green to be seen.
"Ready for take off," T13's voice rings loud and clear in my ear.
"Ready for take off," I repeat to myself, even though no one will hear me.
I've always loved this part, lifting off. I feel free, even though I'm strapped down in a seat though the weight of the constricting space costume limits my movement. The wings sprout out the side of the vehicle, and I feel like I'm sitting inside a massive bird. We fly away, rising higher and higher. The planet we are leaving, once and for all,...