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Hi! Literally just got here, ngl, very nervous.
I enjoy writing and thinking up stories that are usually fiction. Usually sci-fi, myth, and philosophy.
†Here on a dream, working for a goal†

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Hello (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。
I'm here to achieve all that I can in hopes of supporting my dream. It's far-fetched really, but it's worth a shot.
If my lazy bum can do this, you definitely can too!
( ꈍᴗꈍ)

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Arth.Preston (Philippines) published:


PROMPT: Beyond Reason

What do you do when it all makes sense?
What questions will you have left to ask?
In my defense the world's pretense
Is simply too much to grasp.

What ground do we stand on, really?
Relying solely on statements alone.
On books of printed paper,
Which words were formed from flesh and bones.

And who are we to say aliens don't live and breathe?
We're land dwellers through and through.
No man or woman can say we're alone,

9 months ago

Arth.Preston (Philippines) published:

Paper Thin

PROMPT: Flash Fiction Competition 2020

   Finally having mustered enough courage to test out time travel, Evian walks into the portal. Feeling a slight burning sensation which turns into a tickle of sorts. He pops out the same side, finding himself face to face with his younger self. 

 "What?" Young Evian mumbles after a while, stunned and utterly stupefied. As astounded as he is, he has no clue whatsoever who this man is infront of him.

   "You're me," Adult Evian gasped as it hit...

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Arth.Preston (Philippines) published:

The Fishtank

PROMPT: "My Heart is Like"

I know what my heart is like,
My heart is like a fishtank,
And people are like fishes
Ones you pick, you keep
They swim around
Pulsing water like a heartbeat
Strong but also fragile.

A thank you to Millay for the inspiration to make this poem.

9 months ago

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