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Mysteries, spy stories and non-fiction
Autistic writer passionate about disability community
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"Sometimes I write a sentence I love so much. You feel like 'ahh'. It's so fun to write a sentence like that."- Ross Gay
"Breathing is my job, digestion is my hobby, respiration is my bio homework"- Me

lookingforbrighterskies (Singapore) reviewed:

The Wallflower's Guide To Survival: High school Edition


I really loved this piece because I'm kind of a wallflower too and your experiences are really relatable and reliable. Love it! Keep writing! Can't wait for updates! :D

about 1 year ago

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lookingforbrighterskies (Singapore) published:

Zheng Xu Heng: Who Is He?

PROMPT: Mad Libs

Xu Heng is a 13-year-old budding filmmaker who lives in Yishun, Singapore. Known for being clumsy yet persevering, he wants nothing more than to write, direct and produce the first Oscar Best Picture-winning Singapore film (and also get the Best Director award). He pretends to be an adult professional in the world of the Internet, while disguising his age and the fact he is a young, autistic Asian boy who is "less privileged" than most. (He doesn't like saying he's...

about 1 year ago