Hi everyone! My name is Catherine, I'm a 15-year-old high school sophomore, and I like bubble tea and reading+writing during rainy evenings. Feel free to reach out to me anytime <3


mooncake (Canada) published:

Tin and Gasoline

PROMPT: 25 Words

He poked his bitsy snout between a hole in the rusted can, and peered at the flame-streaked skyline.

So this was the chaos he conjured.

Seeking Peer Reviews

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mooncake (Canada) published:

Show Me The Ropes of Togetherness

PROMPT: Pandemic Metaphor

Togetherness is the thing with ropes.

Push and pull, unmute and camera on,

The dividing line of together and apart dangling dangerously center - 

The hurdle I seem to clumsily trip over no matter how many times I try.

Even if our fingers choose to climb tempered glass and trackpads

Rather than rush to the delights of tug-of-war,

It’s ever present.

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The Second Life of Annabella

PROMPT: Numerous Narrators

My dream morning routine would be to wake up to the sounds of birds chirping and sunlight flowing in between my siblings and I sleeping in the trees. However, it seems that my little life will always be a series of misfortunes, in which I will never get what I desire. I’ve come to realize and accept my fate, but it doesn’t stop me from dreaming.

“You know, Leaf, you’re getting pretty red. Are you really that cold? It isn’t...

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Twinkling Nostalgia

PROMPT: Names for Nature

Against the cyclorama of a misty opaque haze, winking glitter is attached with dabs of glue. Despite their dazzling performances in the nightly pageants, I always thought they were merely evanescent. However, one murky night, I climbed out of my mom’s car after a long day of lessons to find one contestant shining above the muted rest. Twinkling Nostalgia winked at me with no falter in its sparkle, and each time I’d find it a tad brighter than the day...

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