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Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.
-the wizard of oz


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just happy to be here :)

music: the walters (cutest lil songs)
show: bbc's sherlock (definition of high quality)
movie(s): dead poets society, princess bride, lotr (love old movies)
reading currently: a hundred secret senses (Amy Tan)

Always glad to receive and give feedback, if you want a review just lmk

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tas (yellowbrickrd) (Australia) published:



And just like that,
a radiating warmth,
an irrepressible smile,
the knowledge that you owe so much to others,
Your failure is not entirely your own, but neither is your success.

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tas (yellowbrickrd) (Australia) published:



I hate big decisions
Because either way you’ll have regrets
Like old, over-steeped tea from the night before,
Soured with time
What if?
I could have?

Which ever road I choose
People will be disappointed
Two schools.
Both think I am attending them next year.
But of course I can only attend one. 

One, all girls, huge, with some of the best friends I’ve ever made
The other small, creative, you don’t need close friends when everyone is friends.

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