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- she/her
- musicals (catch me rapping along to Hamilton ✌️)
- fantasy and dystopian fiction :)
- like playing piano + trying (failing) at songwriting ✌️
- life goal is becoming fluent in le français ☕️
- joined this gem of a site August 2020

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- The Picture of Dorian Grey
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A Class of Sheep (haha I’m not sure about that title) review for review :)

PROMPT: Historical Fiction Competition 2020

Lord Charles Edward Walsingham III had always considered himself to be more than your average - scrumptiously rich - aristocrat. True, he kept up with the constant whims of fashion, obeying the ridiculous comings and goings that every other day declared his mahogany table to be ever-so-slightly more uncivilised than its cherry wood cousin. And true, too, that he took great pride in his appearance, and enjoyed his excursions to the opera and theatre. Nevertheless though, Charles couldn’t help but...

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