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I'm a 13-year-old rising high school freshman living the dream in NY. I enjoy the many beauties of life, including reading, food, music, figure skating, and sleeping.

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Hi! My name is Alison, and I recently picked up writing as a hobby. I would like to improve on my overall flow and sophistication of words. Constructive feedback would be very much appreciated:)

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PROMPT: Flash Fiction Competition 2020

I slump to the ground as my body racks with sobs.
A death certificate slips out of my hand and floats to the dirt floor of a run-down shack.
It’s where my parents lived after they left me.
My quest was useless. I feel lost. Surely, my mother died, too.
The cabin echoes of one word: orphan.
Suddenly, I hear the matted thump of footsteps. I hush, wait a few seconds, stealthily glancing to the side. I see a woman...

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