Celeste Turnbull

United Kingdom

I am a young beginner writer. My style ranges from poems to short stories. My hope is to one day write a playscript for all to enjoy :)
Also an aspiring actress :)

Message from Writer

Welcome to my page!! I hope you like my content, and I aim to publish a lot more soon!

Any recommendations for good reads on here would be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you :)

Published Work

Where do I belong? (poem)

Can you see me?
Amongst all the crowds, can you see me?
Entwined in all the gass, can you see me?
Through all the spray, can you see me?

Can you hear me?
Above all the noise, can you hear me?
Regardless of your ploys, can you hear me?
Despite all your joys, can you hear me?

I’m being trampled by the troops
My eyes, as they open, are spinning in loops.
This never-ending cycle of ‘you don’t matter’
They beat me and beat me until I’m battered.
People fall at your knees, but you don’t see
Empowered by your selfishness, because that’s all you need
I watch you conquer the world without a fight
But even if I tried, I'd be shot down by night.

I’m tired of being polite
Letting people walk all over me
Being controlled because of my skin
I can’t help it, it’s what I was born in
I have no one to talk to ...