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United States

Hi! I am 13 years old and I am a strong Christian. I love to write original stories and fanfictions. I have published two picture books already and am working on a third!

Message from Writer

I love Legos
Dinosaur lover
Star wars fanatic (especially the shows!)
Lover of Jesus!
Other movies that I like: Jurassic World, Tron Legacy, Night at the Museum
Published author in real life!

Favorite authors:
Erin Hunter (all books)
Tui T. Sutherland (Wings of Fire series)
Shannon Messenger (Keeper of the Lost Cities series)

Published Work

Griffin Darkwing: Chapter Three

"Welcome to Raptaur City," said Peter as he stalked up to the city gates. He placed his clawed hand onto a scanner, and the gate opened, revealing a huge marketplace.
"Whoa." Griffin's mouth dropped open. Although he'd been sleepy before, he certainly wasn't now!
"There's a lot to see, right?" said Rex as they walked into the market. Griffin couldn't stop gawking at all the things the creatures were selling. And they weren't just Raptaurs. There was a large one who had a sail going down his back, and another with horns jutting out above his eyebrows. There was one of the flying creatures, too--she was a fishmonger. She held out a fish and asked Rex, "Would you like to try some, sir?"
"Looks good," said Rex, gulping down the whole fillet in seconds. "I'll tell my mother about this stall. She'll like it."
While Rex was talking with the fish seller, Griffin looked behind him. A long, shiny orange-teal...

Griffin Darkwing: Chapter Two

Griffin looked around as Peter and the other Raptaurs raced over the terrain of their planet.
The daylight was rapidly fading, so he tried to take in all that he could.
It was rather like the terrain of an Earth mountain range, or that of Mars or Venus, with mountains stretching out around them as far as the eye could see. One mountain was actually a volcano; it belched dark smoke and orange fire into the air. Five flying creatures were hovering around it.
"Those are another one of our native species," said the Raptaur that Griffin was riding. He was a juvenile, or teenager; he had brown hair and looked like he hadn't shaved for a few days. His scaly lower back and legs were dark blue, which faded to sky blue on his underbelly. "Their language is different from ours, so we haven't been able to figure out their name."
"That's cool," said Griffin, only half interested.

Griffin Darkwing: Chapter One

The spaceship's engine was failing.
That didn't mean Griffin Darkwing would meet his end in space. At least he hoped.
The Raptor Guardian had been his faithful starfighter since he was fourteen. It wasn't going to let him down now.
Griffin wrestled the beast of a ship into gear and whipped it toward the planet he'd last seen. His star maps had said that the planet was inhabitable, but it'd never said anything about life-forms.
As the dying starship hit the atmosphere and began to burn from the friction, Griffin prayed it'd hold until it hit the floor.
Fortunately it did.....
He saw a group of creatures moving toward him, and he felt his belt for the blaster his father had left for him when he was four. Now both of his parents were dead, slain in the war with vicious Ripper Dragons ten years ago. Hopefully these creatures' intentions were friendlier than those Rippers had been.
"Halt!" cried the...

Mad Libs

Griffin Darkwing: Human among Dinosaurs

Griffin Darkwing is a human, who lives on Reptile Station on the outer reaches of the Hunter's Galaxy. Known for being shy but inquisitive, he wants nothing more than to explore the universe and discover new worlds. He pretends to be quiet and submissive, when in fact, inside he feels trapped on the station and he waits for the day he can leave. Griffin’s biggest fear is being found out, and possibly kicked out of the only home he's ever known. What he really needs is friends and family to call his own; the biggest thing getting in the way is his own fears. But when his starship accidentally crashes on a planet full of centaur-like dinosaur creatures, he finds that his wish just might come true.