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My goal: to express the beauty of the world through writing; inspire change, and explore different uses of language.
Favorite genre to write: poetry, fiction
Favorite series: Harry potter

Message from Writer

Hi! I'm Sophie :) thanks for coming to my corner of WtW.
Any feedback or comments are appreciated, I'm looking to improve my writing and learn from this amazing community of writers!

Peer Reviews

The silent king


Your imagery is incredible, and you really did a great job of "showing not telling". :) All the small details, such as the guards dressed in silk, or the stain glass window, or the King's beckoning finger, or the boy's sobs, or the bald ring on his skull make this moment very tangible. You are great writer and each word choice is purposeful and creates a beautiful piece.

19 days




Lavender Girl


wow, this piece is stunning. It really resonated with me, especially the words "feeble attempt to dispel the monster in my mind". Really amazing work!! :)

3 months

Dancing Without Discrimination

PROMPT: A Bird with Wings

I loved this piece. I am a dancer as well, so I feel like I can relate to your piece. The way you described dancers in the first paragraph was so accurate and beautiful.


The Trial (Sorry- I couldn’t really think of a better name + final draft + sci-fi)

PROMPT: Camp Anthology: Fantasy/Sci-Fi Story -- Final Draft!

This is a very good flash fiction piece! How could you add more details to show the setting? I was a bit confused that they were in a school at first, (I guess I automatically assumed they would be in a courtroom because of the title :) You did an amazing job of including lots of subtle hints to describe the world. I also liked the characterization, and plot, and descriptions of the Doxis house. You should continue this series, because I would love to read more! :)

6 months

when we found the blood of the stars only slightly interesting

PROMPT: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Story: Draft One

Great job! I felt like this piece was very strong. I am curious to who Ncuti is in relation to the protagonist, and what they were doing before they ended up in the world.

6 months

A Birthday Surprise

PROMPT: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Story: Draft One

Nice job overall! I enjoyed reading this :) A suggestion to add more detail would be to maybe include a memory or just some thoughts that Cyrus has about his uncle, that gives the reader insight into why their relationship is so close?

6 months


PROMPT: Down the Rabbit Hole

It was really interesting how you incorporated robotics into this world, and the detail of scarce steel hearts emphasize the pain that the people are going through. Your descriptions are so vivid, and I am really intrigued by GhostMoon!

6 months

Travel Guide: Naporia and Aldinnland

PROMPT: Out of this World

The idea of spirit guiders is so exciting, and I could see it making a great quest/protagonist! :) Also, how did the dragons shape Naporia? I am curious to learn more about this past! Overall you did a really nice job describing this world; very descriptive and well written.

6 months

Character Creation

PROMPT: Protagonist Profile

You did a great job creating a character!! I really enjoyed reading about Ricochet, and it is such a creative idea :) I also liked how you described what she looks like in human form, which shows how thought out this character is.

6 months