marisol lafaille

United States

favorite books~ the leopard, anna karenina
currently reading~ the three musketeers
est. december second, twenty twenty
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"in dreams and fantasies my spirit is a millionaire"

Peer Reviews

The pain a smile hides

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition: 2021


The new day (Review for Review because I love giving reviews, but I have no idea what to review.)


I thought this piece was very creative and I am looking forward to seeing more of your writing (this style or not)! About the review any of my pieces need them so you can just pick and choose! Thanks so much for the offer of reviews because I absolutely love getting them and any would be greatly appreciated.

5 months

No Escape - Chapter 1


Be more consistent with the tenses Title ideas- The Darkness Drowned the Sounds of Fear And So the Drowning Darkness Came I love this piece! It had such good mood, and think that with revisions it can be a really great piece of writing! Feel free to review my writing too!

5 months

The Plague Mast pt. 1


Think it has wonderful ideas- sets up for a good plot, I want to know more about these characters

5 months