A lover of all things old, historic and human.

Message from Writer

I wish we all saw the human in each other. Especially now. When the world has literally stopped. I wish we would see each other. That our successes and triumphs are nothing without our flaws and anger. The things that make us human are what allow us to grow and evolve at such an exponential rate. I wish we felt empathy and understanding, not fear and prejudice. I hope to use my writing to show the human in all of us. And the human in me.

Published Work

Flash Fiction Competition 2020

The Mime Show

People watched as a mime on the street hit himself on the head. They laughed when he cried and threw imaginary objects. What a show! When he banged his head on the sidewalk, a little girl walked over and placed a coin in front of him. The mime screamed silent screams and grasped the coin in his gloved hands as if it was a dagger to the heart. He turned away from the audience and swallowed the coin. Such good acting! And as he lay there choking, people threw more money.


Some paint, some dusting, maybe some new furniture. That was what this dump needed. But that isn’t what I said out loud. Instead, I turned to my Meewmaw and smiled. 

“It’s nice.”

She smiled, her eyes crinkling in the corners, and she led the way into the kitchen. 
It was ugly, with colourful bowls and vases on the counters. An old wooden table sat in the corner. In the middle, sitting atop a hideous floral mat, sat a fruit cake so sweet-smelling I could throw up. She gestured towards the cake. 

“I’m not hungry. Thank you, though, Meemaw.” 

She nodded and sat at the table. From a distance, I examined the chair. It was old and chipped. It was garbage. With careful hands, she leaned over and placed a cover over the cake. It was a useless cover, it had holes. In fact, it might have been an old strainer. 

“Well, I think I’ll get to work.” 

She looked at...

Letter Writing Competition 2020

Dear boy

Dear boy,

How could I have been so stupid? I knew from the beginning that talking to you would be a mistake. But how could I stop myself? You were funny, so funny, and I liked funny. And your eyes were special. They made me feel like I was under a microscope, but I didn’t mind. I could always tell when you were looking at me. I loved it when you looked at me. God, I miss your eyes. Even the sound of your voice was enough to make me smile. Not just on the outside, but on the inside too. It felt like a wave was washing over me. You were smart too. Something that I’m ashamed to say I didn’t expect. Honestly, I think you’re smarter than me. But you know all of this. I’ve told you all of this. What I didn’t tell you was that this was a bad idea. Me and this stupid feeling.