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Thank you so much for reading my writing, it means a lot. I never show my emotions so I spill most of them into writing and thought I should share my mind.

Published Work

Writing Streak Week Five- Day Two: Metaphors in trees

Young children waving in the wind
skinny and green
playful and happy
carefree without wrinkles 

Writing Streak Challenge -- Week 5

Writing Streak Week Five: Metaphors in trees

Wrinkled elders with their veiny hands outstretched 
Reaching for the same sky they've been living under for hundreds of years 
Withered beards falling past their knees 
Old smiles all around 

Stand up

Get off your knees
stand up straight
spit the blood out of your mouth
hold your head high
show them the bruises don't hurt
fill your body with fire
let it burst
let it rage
Let it swirl 
draw your power from
the anger
the pain
the hurt
If you go down
you go down fighting like hell
You will fight this fight
till the end
win or lose
make sure they never forget your face
make sure they never forget
the way your eyes sparkled with strength and power

Tread carefully

    Tread carefully around the girl with an inferno raging in her eyes. The one with raw anger running though her veins. She can destroy kingdoms with a single tear. The crumble around her and she buries herself deep within them. Monsters and men  cower before her on the knees, begging. Nothing hurts her, nothing matters to a girl who cares for nothing. Tread carefully around the girl with a broken heart. 


Prompts - Eyes Everywhere

Title: Eyes Everywhere 
Tagline: Green. Purple. Yellow. Blue. Anything but Silver. 
Genre: Fantasy 

Your eye color determines who you are and what powers you have. Green eyes - Earth. Silver eyes are hunted and very few are left. Why? 

Flash Fiction Competition 2020

Flash Fiction Contest. -Left-

    Why are goodbyes so hard, why do tears fill my eyes every time I wave. Sometimes I don’t even utter the word, people don’t need words to leave. They fade in and out of my life and I’m used to it. They come with smiles and open arms and I think they’ll be the one to stay. I’m always wrong, they always leave and I never learn.
    Endings are supposedly the beginning of something new. It’s my choice what that new story entails. But It feels easier to swim down, away from the lies and deceit, away from love.

Writing streak Week four day one. House of belonging.

Am I supposed to tell you where I belong? 
The place I call home? 
Where I return to when the day is done? 
Where is my home? 

 I don't know

Sea or sky 
mountains or beach 
snow or sand 
city or country

I don't know. 

I want a little cabin in the woods 
I want a loft in the city 
I want to sail the world 
I want to live on a mountain

I don't know 


People as Nature

Sides of the Forest

The sun warmed dirt is soft beneath my back, the calming sounds of a trickling stream lull me into a sleep as I stare up at the trees. The wind softly blowing through the canopy, gently moving the branches in a hypnotizing motion. It is quiet out here, peaceful and serene. The forest is always here for me, always comforting and reliable. Yet I know the dangers that lurk here, they lurk deep within me. Anything could happen, a tree crashing to the ground, a snake slithering towards my foot, a spider slowly dropping from above, a cougar silently stalking from behind ready to pounce when my guard is down. It is peaceful and simple when you first step into the woods, the forest seems happy and it welcomes you with open arms but there are many different sides. Horrors lurk in the shadows, hidden to the naked eye, things even the people who know her best don't realize are...

The Unseen

Hearts of ink

Those who don't write 
will never understand.

How we are nothing without our mind,
without the little voices spinning webs of stories in my head
I don't know who I am.

They don't understand because they can't see it. 
its a force like no other,
dragging us down 
slinging us up
saving us. 
The spark of joy on a Childs face as the hero wins
as the princess is saved 
as the dragon is defeated. 
As ink hits the paper 
another world is born,
one I can control and one I can love. 

They may be able to see ink and words 
but they can't see
the hours of work
the tears 
the smiles
the love
that was born of our heart and mind. 

Letter Writing Competition 2020

With You Till the End.

Dear Kelly, 

Hey sis, it’s been a while. I’ve been stuck in port for three months now and there are no more repairs to be made to Dawn Kelly. She’s a beautiful ship and always will be. I've repainted her and patched all the little holes, I'm scrubbed her from top to bottom and got new blinds for all the windows. Mum and dad are stuck in France for the moment but we FaceTime every other day. They still can’t seem to figure out the camera. I miss you a lot, It’s hard trying to fulfill our dream alone. The Panama Canal is next, that was always a big stop for us. I’ll be sailing there as soon as quarantine is lifted. 
    Remember how we could never decide on a name for our beautiful little ship? You wanted it to be something whimsical and pretty and I wanted something strong and fearful. When you left I named her after...