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United Kingdom

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PROMPT: Flash Fiction Competition 2020

The earth clung to the tail end of summer, the sky filled with a film too thick to swallow down with a glass of lemonade or bat away with a sigh. Still the warmth persisted, suffocating air moving only to stuff itself down the throats of weary travellers, giving them breath only to remark on the heat of the day, the dust on the road.
Through this came a man with a cloak heavy in defiance, the sky paused (in...

Seeking Peer Reviews

4 months ago


Megan Kelleher (United Kingdom) published:

Dear Hong Kong

PROMPT: Letter Writing Competition 2020

Dear Hong Kong,
You were bleeding the last time I saw you, a nasty cut running along your cheekbone, a fresh split lip. The room fell silent then, as we watched you on the 7 o’clock news. A few seconds and the image was gone, replaced by a presenter with lipstick on her teeth, but now it seems ingrained in my head. I wanted to send you a plaster, some ice for your lip. A silly idea really, the ice...

5 months ago