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la piña es mi vida, mi amor
"They tried to bury us. They did not know we were seeds." - Mexican Proverb

Message from Writer

"Words gather desire inside your head
Gathering emotions, gathering feeling, gathering
Meaning, gaining a purpose other than being
Becoming something other than words, other than
Thoughts ricocheting through my mind breaking through to the
Outside, darting to others, creating a spark in their hearts
My words just start in my
Head but never end there

-They Never End There ✨

Peer Reviews

The Spring Prince (Fantasy)

PROMPT: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Story: Draft Two

Overall, you did a good job. I liked the words that you used. Nice story!

12 months

Down Eutopia Lane

PROMPT: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Story: Draft Two

It was interesting that you used to present tense in your story. I have not read many things that are in present tense so it was nice to remember what it is and how that can affect the story. I like that you did not have too much dialogue. It left more words for descriptions to really help the reader see the world. Nice job! This was really good!

12 months


PROMPT: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Story: Draft One

I really like your story and where you went with it. you foreshadowed sky meeting her mother at the beginning which was a nice touch. I like your writing style. (And yes, this is flash fiction. the conflict was resolved and you introduced something readers would not expect at the end.) I really want to read more! Thanks for sharing!

12 months

Book Jacket Prompt, The Fight for Life

PROMPT: Reader, We Have a Problem

This is a good length for a blurb. Your story seems very interesting. I'd love to read it!

12 months

Setting - Canyon of Worlds

PROMPT: Down the Rabbit Hole

I also like that you added a layer of suspense when you added the part about the fish. Overall, I love your concept and I can't wait to read more!

12 months

travel guide: water kills

PROMPT: Out of this World

Overall, I really like your concept of having to create water yourself if you want to survive. You said there is no scientific base for this, but I believe there is. Water is made of hydrogen and oxygen so when you said they began to synthesize water, I immediately thought about what kind of machinery would combine atoms into the shape of a water molecule. Thanks for sharing your wonderful and unique idea!

12 months