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Sleep deprived child

I just want to go to sleep
and stay like that 
I just want to close my eyes
until everything alright 

Am I the second bird? -Inspired by Regina Spektor song 'Two birds'

I wanna say I will leave 
spread my wings
and explore the world
But I know my feet are
holding on tight to the wire,
As I watch everyone fly away
Maybe its a curse
or maybe it's just me

Cause if I let go 
I will fall 
I know that that's normal 
but I am scared how far
What if I never get back up
So I carry on holding tight 
I watch you all fly off
(please don't  forget me) 
your doing so well
and i just need more time

I want to spread my wings
I want to see the land around me 
Let go of this wire 
Cause I will fly away as well

But what if i am just a liar 


Three short poems from the past month

I am trapped 
with the knowledge
i have the key
and the doors only 
10 meters away

Tonight may be the end of the world
will I finally be happy be happy when its all over 
Will i bathe under the stars
laugh at the whispers of the wind

And the thoughts get to loud
but there right 
I'm not 
i hate it, i hate me

Mirror Effect

Who am i supposed to be
when all that I am,
are copies of everyone I have seen 

We are idiots aren't we

Do you ever think the flowers
look up at us and mutter 
"what idiots we are"

They whisper to each other 
can you hear them now?
we pass them by and they wonder
how our roots go so tangled up

and why we never turn to the sun,
they used to plan together
ways to make us 
remove the blockage to growth 
and show us how to glow brighter

but that was before they gave up 
they can't help the ones who already left
you can't help them grow 
only to get stampeded  on 

so now they only watch
and shake their heads at
the potential that we had 
but the idiots we became


Butterfly weed, Flower

it feels like everything is crashing again 
that the water is again spilling 
over the banks i built so high 
like someone trampled over the flower 
i attempted to bloom 
that after all i did and tried 
it can never truly get away 
and so it just stays lurking, waiting 
to pounce

Love lies bleeding, Flower

I crushed a flower 
and a dream 
along with a wish,
watched the petals fall to the ground 
it was going to die one day 
why not now.

I'm just tired.

Isolation is not loud 
it's not a big bang or a lightning strike 
it's hidden between the line's of:
I'm just tired and I'll talk later
woven into the flower on the sidewalk 
that you won't pay attention to

When will I ever meet you?

It's exactly 10:32 pm
and I need some one to listen 
and discuss exactly 
why we choose to live

Why the night sky
never shares their secret 
and how some morning
can give us the gift of hope

we can call into the quiet night 
when we can be the only ones alive
until our eyelids drop 
and we discover more questions to ask 

and who knows where you live
or if I'll ever meet you 
if I'll mess it all up 
or you give up on me 

I wonder if we do ever meet 
will I be to eager?
do you want this as much as i do?
will the pieces just fall into place

or will we be able to meet
and I'll know you'll be my oldest friend