Some of my favourite books:
•Almost any Riordanverse book
•Harry Potter
•The School for Good and Evil
•Almost any Lemony Snicket book
•The Land of Stories
•Story Thieves
•There May Be a Castle
•Artemis Fowl
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On hiatus due to back to school chaos ;w;

I’m Chinese, though English is my mother tongue. I am a Christian, thirteen years old and female. I have a Syrian hamster (let’s call her Hammy) and love fantasy with mystery thrown in. I’ve written many stories before, but have never gotten anything published in a newspaper or journal, online or no. I wish to change that in the future, though. I still have much more room to grow my writing style, and I hope you guys will be along on my journey!


EetIshMeh (Malaysia) published:

#astoryfullstop, Prologue



Moonlight streamed through a gap in the curtains, illuminating the foot of Saturn’s bed. She pulled the covers up closer to her chin, her toes bathed in the magical shine. She wriggled them, pretending she could feel the light like she would cold water. She closed her eyes, but thoughts of how amazing it would be to swim in moonlight kept her awake. She flipped over on her side, facing the bed on her right.
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