Lucy J Kassel

United States

14 years old
Winner of I write 2017
All fiction

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"Adults are just outdated children." -Dr. Seuss
Ch. 2 of the Hour of Knowing is now out!

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The Hour of Knowing Ch. Four

The next day at school, I came in well-rested and sat down at my desk with a smile on my face. 
"What's wrong with you?" asked Sage. 
"What if I told you magic is real?"
"Then I would tell you that you're insane and something is very wrong." 
I glared at her. "But it is real." 
Sage just looked at me with an expression on her face like 'really?' and reached out her hand to feel my forehead.
"You're feeling a little hotheaded, sweetie," she said to me.
 “I can prove it,” I told her. 
 “Okay,” Sage replied. She was playing along, I could tell, because she did this thing where she raised her eyebrows sympathetically when she didn’t believe you.  
“On the test we’re taking tomorrow, you will get an 85,” I told her, trying to sound convincing. 
     “Yeah, right,” she said, “I’ve never gotten anything below a 90.”
 “You’ll see,” I answered, confident in myself....

Writing Streak Challenge Week 11

Week 11 Challenge Completed

Day 1:

I wish I could fly
Far far away
and travel the world for free

See all my friends
And my family
And meet new people too

I would go 
where ever I want
and be where people haven't been before

I wish I could fly
far far away
I wish that, and more

Day 2:

I wish that people could truly understand the impact fo their decisions. How voting really does matter no matter what state you live in. How your voice can be heard even if you think it can't. I wish people understood how easy it is to hurt someone, and how that person might remember it years later when you forget it after five minutes. I wish people understood their impact. I wish they used their impact in a good way. 
You don't have to vote for Biden because you like him, you just have to vote for him because you don't like trump. 


The Hour of Knowing Ch. Three

When I got out of the library, I started down the dark streets toward home. I passed the old supermarket with the flickering Open sign, the convenience store, and the Chinese restaurant. I lived in a very small town that was quite self-contained. There was one of everything: one library, one public pool, one pizza place, one doctor, one school, and so on. Everyone knew each other. We were one little community.
It's occasionally nice to live in a small town because when you need something there is always a neighbor to help out. But, when you're an outcast it's sometimes hard to get back into the crowd. My mom used to be part of a book club and she did some things at the Y but now she mostly just goes to work, comes home, makes dinner, sleep, and repeat. I'm not quite sure what happened but at least it didn't affect my friendships.
I turned the corner...

Collective Voice

It Wasn't Me

P.O.V of Michael
"I think it was pretty obvious what happened. I didn't have anything to do with it. One minute we were sitting on the couch and the next the bowl was on the floor shattered in pieces. I wasn't even near it at all. It was probably knocked over by Skittles the cat or maybe Suzie accidentally hit it with her bottle. You know both of those things could have happened."
"Who was watching Suzie? I don't remember, all I know is it wasn't me. It was probably Baxter or Emmy. I really don't remember."
"Yes, I do know the bowl was grandmas. Look, mom, I'm sorry it happened but I didn't do it. I swear."

P.O.V. of Emmy
" Have you met me? I don't lie, mom, you know that. Also, if I had done it, I probably would have swept up all the pieces, glued them back together, and then told you about it. I wouldn't...

12 Years Ago Ch. 1

    Start it with an A
    For exactly six years, eight months, and 5 days, I had three siblings. My oldest sister was five when I was born. Her name is Adelaide but we call her Addie. My other sister was three years old. Her name is Alexandra and we call her Alex. And then there was Daniel who was called Danny. He was exactly forty-seven minutes older than me. We were two peas in a pod, never separated. We also looked exactly the same except he was a boy and I’m a girl. My mom said we weighed the same amount when we were born, exactly the same, and having someone there even though we fought, it was nice. 
    When we were four, Danny and I found a pair of scissors lying precariously on the kitchen table and, when no one was looking, he cut my two brown braids off so we could switch spots. Surprisingly, it...


The wrong set of steps

"Please help, I don't know what to do."
"It's okay, just walk up to her."
"Then what?"
Okay, repeat after me:
1. Walk up to her
2. Smile, wave
3. Introduce yourself-
"She already knows who I am."
Okay then, 3. Ask her how she is.
4. You start talking.
5. You ask her to get coffee.
6. You say, "catch you later" or something cool.
7. And then you walk away.

"Okay, I think I've got it:
1. Walk up to her.
2. Walk away.
Okay that sounds pretty easy."

"Do you want her to go on a date with you or not?"
"I do."
"Then you have to do the steps the way I said them."
"I'm not sure if I can do that."
"Just try"
-6 minutes later-
"I think I did it!"
"So when's the date?"
"Oh I think I did my steps instead of yours..." 

The Hour of Knowing Ch. One and Two

    Hey, before you read this, there are two things you should know. First, I am writing this chapter for anyone who might be in my situation. Note that at first, it seems like a dream come true, but then you’ll start to see the consequences. You’ll change people’s lives for the worse. The more you try to help, the more you destroy both your friends and enemies. Second, I’m not really sure how this will end yet. But, don’t worry, stick with me. This is my story.  

    I was sitting in English class when my teacher, Mrs. Mallory, wrote a question on the board. It read, “Do you believe in destiny?” At the time, I didn't think too hard about the question. 
Destiny is stupid. It doesn’t exist, I thought. 
     “Who has an answer?” Mrs. Mallory asked the class. 
    I really liked our English discussions - they were always very interesting - but on that day, it didn’t...

Count the days

Look at me,
As I count the days,
Until I finally,
Feel your gaze

Upon my red,
Tied up hair,
As I climb,
Upon your green arm chair 

I’ll run behind,
Your tall blue house,
And watch cat after cat,
Chase a toy mouse

You’ll look at me,
Ride my bike,
Down to pick flowers,
That you might like

But now look at me,
Write to you,
When I have other things,
That I should do

I should do homework,
I could drink tea,
Or I could count the days,
Until you look at me

Food Writing Competition 2020

Karen at Starbucks

Hi all,
My name is Karen and if you are thinking about going to "Starbucks" or whatever they want to call themselves, DON'T. They were soooooo rude I can't even believe it. I just got out of the store and I'm now sitting in my car, with my kids in the back, and don't worry about them they can't hear me they are listening to kids bop. Anyway, first when I walked in, the smell of coffee and bagels was so overbearing I thought I was going to fall over. After the dizziness passed, I stood back up and made my way over to the line. There were three people in front of me. THREE. I mean, with so many restaurants they should know how to keep the line shorter. They make the same drinks all day it shouldn't take them so darn long. So, when I got to the front of the line I placed my order. I asked...