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I'd like to apologize to anyone I've argued with over this platform. I've been ruder than I ever wanted to be on here, and I'm trying to change that. Much Love!

On another note, I am always open to do peer reviews if asked. I am also open to dialogue and discussion about anything and everything, whether it's something one or both of us is struggling with, or it's something that neither of us agree upon. Even if it's just talking about the weather! I love interacting with people on here, as I feel that writers are some of the most interesting people to talk to.

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The Bible Challenge _EliathRose (the one and only day)


"Write a piece proving the existence of God without using the Bible."

How can I prove the existence of the One whose existence is unprovable?
If it were that easy to prove that God exists, then there would be many, many more believers than there are now. However, most of the things that are used to prove the existence of God have many other explanations out there. Morality can be proved by studies of people growing up in varying environments;...
Seeking Peer Reviews

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The moment I met what life truly meant

PROMPT: Book Review Competition 2021

My review of this is a bit nit-picky and very much focused on the way this piece sounds, but remember that that is not because you are bad at it at all. Once you've written a piece that has the...

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Things A Map Won't Show You - Stories from Australia and Beyond

PROMPT: Book Review Competition 2021

If you have any questions about the review, need a second opinion on a section of text, or just want to talk about the piece in general, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm always willing to offer my opinions. Also,...

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