Emily Szabo

United States

Published Work

Food Writing Competition 2020

Savoring More Than Dim Sum

Steaming hot plates of fried noodles, sauce-drenched shrimp chow fun dumplings, and sweet paste-filled sesame balls numbered so many that they almost fell off of the huge round table.  My heart felt pleased while my stomach was restlessly growling.  I was in Chicago visiting my grandma, or my Lola, on my mom’s side of the family, and it was a Sunday.  When my mom was a kid, she and her cousins would go to Chinatown after church to eat dim sum, and the family tradition carried down to my generation too.  

I filled my plate with enough food to hang off the edges and eagerly picked up my chopsticks; the sweet and salty flavors exploded into my mouth.  Paradise.  The smell of soy sauce and sweet shrimp flooded my nose.  I tried my best to savor tasting every different food, but dim sum has never been the type of food that I have been able to eat slowly.  

Eating dim...