Jay Wang

United States

Los Angeles, CA

Published Work

Food Writing Competition 2020

"Kou Rou"

Gong Gong!” I would shout as I ran through the crowded driveway, down the dark alley lined with plants and crates of recycled water bottles towards my grandpa at his outdoor kitchen.

My grandpa had a passion for cooking that was unmatched by anything else, and my family would come together every Tuesday night for a family dinner. The 10-person table would be lined with food from end to end. As my grandpa plated each dish outside at his kitchen, I would rush them onto the dinner table while my mom passed out bowls of steamed rice and chopsticks. Besides the freshly poached chicken, the sweet, tender-y barbeque pork, and the stir-fried vegetable mix was the centerpiece of our family dinners: on a big metal tray in the center of the dinner table was my grandpa’s famous Kou Rouor Chinese steamed pork belly with preserved vegetables. The tender pork belly melts in your mouth with the flavors...