16 homeschooled
new zealander living in australia
my best friend irl is CrazyNinjaKid

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Message from Writer

hoping to improve my writing while on here. 凸 ( ͡▀̿ ̿ ͜ʖ ͡▀̿ ̿ )凸

Published Work


tap, tap, tap. my hand raps on my desk.
click, click, click. my fingers click my red pen. 
i make whistling noise through my mouth. 
i am bored i want to be free. 
i still haven't quite figured out how to escape the realm of reality.

reds, blues and purples

reds blues and purples
the colours that have been scribbled on the front of my notebook
lines and three dimensional shapes that i blindly scribbled through pure boredom
the light reflects the pictures, they look pretty as they shine
my brain is hurting, i just can't seem to focus
i'm just here wishing the day was over, surely it could just end
the rain is swelling in the clouds above
it rumbles loud, wishing it could escape down onto the many heads
of the people of the towns below
then there is me
sitting in my room with my door ajar
headphones in, spinning a pen in my hand
i am bored
my brain hurts
surely the day can end

i just hurt my best friend

i yelled,

and so did she,

i could feel my anger building up,

it hurt me, i knew it was hurting her to,

then i could see her body begin to crumble,

i knew i had said too much,

i was too harsh,

i had won, i had been the bully she didn't need. 

Flash Fiction Competition 2020

Girl I love

I watch her eyes. They are bursting colours of pure passion. She stands up from the desk chair, slamming her notebook shut. Dressed in ripped jeans and a hoodie, her usual getup. Hair is a sandy blonde, freckles are sprinkled across her nose. She's angry, the test she studied so hard for she only just passed. She's so cute when she's mad. I can feel my self smiling dumbly like and idiot in love. She raises her eyebrows, her eyes are kinda like balls of fire, the corners of her lips turn upwards, she now wears a playful grin. 

evening prayers.

sitting by the window, saying my prayer to the holy Lord above us. he rises in the clouds floating and answering his people. its just another gospel but i beg for mine to be heard. the wind beats at my chest, hard like a drum yet rhythmically sounds every touch. the cold air is refreshing yet just another daily reminder; i am alone. i close my eyes tight, hoping for the feeling to go away, prayers being prayed harder then ever, stronger then ever. i open my eyes, standing. i can feel a weird prickle of tears, my soul denying access to the emotion. 

just another evening prayer, i whisper. soon i will reunite. 

A few words at half past six

Today I was brave,

I decided to ignore the pain,

To ignore the little voice inside my head,

Instead I began to rebel about all of the things that are said,

And I let the demon go inside of me,

The one who growls when I think I should close my eyes,

So now I can breathe, a butterfly let free,

For I have changed the mind, the wires have clicked,

I am new, whole and fresh,

Now I am ready to show the world I can do my best. 

To the cricket that I found today.

To the cricket that I found today,

I woke up this morning at six o'clock. The sun was beginning to shine brighter colours of orange as it smiled over the receding horizon. I remember stretching my arms up into the air, my shoulders letting out a few awkward clicks as my joints stir. 

Then I heard you. Of what sounded like an orchestra of talented musicians playing their instruments to one harmony. I peeked into my wooden box and saw your blended colour on your back. 

And you rubbed your legs together, the hairs electrifying as you did. 

So thank you.

Because I feel electrified now, my soul has been fueled for this day. 

a tribute to my brother.

I stare outside my bedroom window, looking mystically at the sky filled with clouds. They are a bulging white, while birds call to one another as they soar through the skies like they are the king of our world. They seem so happy and innocent. A tear rolls down my cheek, my heart clenching at my lungs. For I have realised that he is gone. My brother, my best friend gone. I keep hoping that this is just a terrible nightmare, my imagination getting the better of me, keeping me under its controlling grip. I wish that he will just walk through our bedroom door and make a joke. But I have waited 5 days now. And I am still here, hoping. Hoping that he will come back to me. 


secrets can destroy
secrets can hurt
secrets can joy
secrets can flirt
secrets can stay
secrets can lie
secrets can betray
secrets can rely

what are the secrets that are okay? 

Monday -- Week 11 Challenge

I wish it was true that boys could write freely without people laughing. 

Marine Biologist

I gripped my camera tightly. The fish had swarmed around me, more and more adding to the crew. I could feel their presence, it growing stronger and stronger as they multiply. A strong and powerful sensation of a true team, staying close to one another to somewhat protect themselves. Each other. From the apparent predator. Me.