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I write because words matter.
Welcome to my senior year.
Anything cow print>>>
xoxo- sk8ergirl4

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You don't know me and yet you do. Words are powerful to us. If they weren't would you be here? Despite the barriers which separate us on in the outside world, and despite the fact that we may not be able to speak the millions of words that fly through our heads when ignorance, kindness, beauty, or malice ensues, here we can connect and speak. Here I can say what I feel but can't say out loud, and I can say it beautifully and so can you. I can write of the seemingly ginormous drop I feel in my stomach when someone says "college", or of the lonely darkness which plagues me at 16, or of the calm I feel laying under the clouds.

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A Means to an End by sk8ergirl4

Published 4 months ago

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