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Life with YELLOW

it can mean so much 
from bright yellow sunshine
to danger and warnings
a world full of yellow 
has meanings of all sorts

all representing delight

Bladder cancer
Liver disease 
all representing sickness

All representing life

Macaroni and cheese
All representing nourishment

Winnie the Pooh
All representing play

In a world full of yellow
what would we be missing
we will have everything
but other colors, 
but why do we need other colors
when we have yellow?

Our Little House

I live in the little cottage 
on the top of the smallest hill
I must gather my own food
from my small little vegetable garden
my older sister gathers the tea leaves
from the forest behind us
while mother cooks and cleans
our little cottage home
Father goes to the village
to work at the printing press
sometimes bringing home 
a few copies of the newest newspaper
my younger sister plays with dolls
all-day long and occasionally does chores
Yes, our small little cottage is small
and sometimes it can be a mess
but we try our best
to make is our home. 

Starting Over

So, yesterday, I said that I needed some time to reflect and find a reason to write again. I thought that I was set on taking at least two days, but that's not really what happened. I told my mom about it last night, and we had a long, long talk. We talked about how communication is key and that they are only three ways to do that by writing, speaking, and acting. She told me that each one of us can do all three, but should choose one to really grow in.  And then, she asked me which one I chose. Immediately, I said writing. And then she nodded and asked again. Once again, I said writing. She said okay and asked one last time. And for the third time, I said writing. And then she told me that I confirmed that I chose writing three times, and left it at that. I spent the rest of the night,...

See you soon, (hopefully!)

I will not be active for the next few days because I think I need some time to find some reason to write again. I have been struggling to find a reason, but was kind of forcing myself to write some words. But now I see that that's no use, and that I have to take some time off. So until I can, I will not be writing here anymore. 

Thank You

For everything

Thanks for soaking my tears
In your soft cotton shirt

Thanks for listening to my mumbles
Even during the night

Thanks for being my friend
When I was all alone

Thanks for sitting by my bed
Soothing me to sleep

Thanks for all you've done, teddy bear. 

Week 13, Day 1

Sitting in front of my computer
Not knowing what to say

No longer peaceful
Too much to handle 

But here I am
Sitting in front of my computer

But this time
I know what to do


My friend once told me to wake up from my dreams. She told me to open my eyes to the real world. Most people listen, but I don't, because if you give up on a dream, then they will never come true.  


Most of us have regrets, but how do you get rid of them? It's not to forget because memories tattoo us, but instead, it's to accept it. Accepting it isn't easy, but slowly if you accept it, it will slowly fade away. 

Palm Trees

How does the palm tree stay rooted, even when the storms come, while the oak tree will fall? The difference is the palm tree's flexible trunk. Like a palm tree, we must have strong root, but at the same time, we must be flexible. And that is how we can all stand through the storms in life. 

Love Story Without Love

Is it possible to write a romance when you have never experienced love? Is it possible to step out of your comfort zone when you know absolutely nothing about what's ahead? To some people that's no. But for those who take the leap of faith, those are the ones who succeed.