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A Forest of Words

PROMPT: Five Line Fiction

If I had one piece of advice, I'd suggest to alter the line "I hesitated, afriad to leave my world behind" It's a bit of a cliche line. Other than that, I really enjoyed this- I hope you consider writing...

6 months ago

Sylvie Slotkin (United States) reviewed:

Not to be me


There are also a few minor spelling and grammar mistakes you may want to go back and revise.

6 months ago

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PROMPT: Farsick

My mother has been telling me stories my whole life about her unconventional upbringing. Before second grade, my mom had been to seven different schools. She switched high schools four times, so when you ask her where she grew up, you can expect a pretty complicated answer. I am the exact opposite. I have only ever lived in New York City. The closest thing I have to uprooting my life and moving is switching apartments- from sixteenth street and fifth...

Seeking Peer Reviews

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