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If you want to review any of my writing, please do criticise it so i can improve, don't be afraid to be blunt! I will try and review people's writing too - if you want a review do ask! :)

Peer Reviews

Book Review - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

PROMPT: Book Review Competition 2021

These are just suggestions, feel free to take or leave them - I hope I haven't been too harsh! I hope to see more of your writing in the future! :)

19 days

Drop the Rifles

PROMPT: Historical Fiction Competition 2020

this is a great piece, keep up the good work! i enjoyed reading and reviewing it, and I hope my comments aren't too harsh :)

6 months

Lost Oceans


I really like the colours associated with different things - blue= water, past, good; orange= dust; white=future science to cope with climate change and grey= faded memories good going revising it for the 5th time! the descriptions are lovely and it is a really creative idea. feel free to take or leave my comments :)

7 months

Sea Breeze

PROMPT: One Sentence Story

This is a beautiful piece with a kinda subtle story, and a lovely picture of a summer evening. i really like it! :)

8 months


PROMPT: Photo Prompt

it is a really quick and effective character description of the man, and I like how it is all in one sentence! maybe you could include something about what he is thinking about, or why he is like that? the piece describes the character well already though! :)

8 months

One call, Two lives


I really like this piece, it is really creative and a beautiful story, compacted into only 17 sentences! I like how the sentences are pretty short but the story is really clear and beautiful. :)

8 months

Sit Griseo


It is a really well-written story, the climax and the cliffhanger at the end are great! The main character is especially well-rounded and detailed, I really got a sense of who she was.

8 months

Free Bird

PROMPT: Photo Prompt

from the story, i gathered that emily was dating martin, then he cheated on her and she broke up with him - it's great how you've taken a whole story and condensed it into one moment. Not much of it was said explicitly, but the story is very clear to the reader.

9 months

the origin of me in knitting terms


this is an amazing piece!! it really celebrates God's love and care for all of us, and his sovereignity :)

9 months

Yes, a Play

PROMPT: Playwriting Competition 2020

it is a really interesting play :)

10 months

god and coffee

PROMPT: Playwriting Competition 2020

this is my first peer review so i hope it's ok! i really like the play :) the title is really good

10 months