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still figuring out how to do this not awkwardly, which is impossible
super awesome
oldest sister
showing off bad dance moves in (the best state ever) Indiana
you are beautiful
you are enough

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the brain is as wide as the sky - Emily Dickinson

never admire quietly - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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Ships in Spitting Range

PROMPT: Given First Line

    Ships at a distance have every man's wish on board.
    Ships within spitting distance, however, are filled with the laments of this life—poverty, prostitution, power hungry men desperate to enslave the first and take advantage of the second. The Anne Marie was a boat easily within any expectorators range.
    As if in direct opposition to the dirty deeds and shady tendencies of her passengers, the Anne Marie's hull was strong as Mr. Obel's investments, her decks as spotless as Ms....

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A Giggling Cow Who Loves Mistletoe and Me


My Boyfriend in a Cow Metaphor. 
heeheehee/my boyfriend is a giggler/which was weird.
I don't really mind, though/it's like a bell on a cow who thinks he's prettier/and more crafty than any other cow.
this way I can keep my eye/or ear/on him.

Why Holidays Are the Best 
the snow brushes my face/and I feel like Jack Frost has kissed/the tip of my nose.
I walk down the street/and the bells sing to me/and I sing back.
Ice skating/is like...
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