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stay sane!

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My campaign speech to be the world's future president

PROMPT: Speechwriting Competition 2020

You go, fourteen-year-old girl:) keep being the wonderful writer you are!

6 months

Why I despise Parent-Teacher meetings.

PROMPT: All Talk


A Venn Diagram of These Two Pandemics (please read message box!)


Writing must inspire've done just that. Today you've inspired me and definitely others who have read this piece. Congratulations! Let's take action.

8 months

I think I need a cup of tea ☕️

PROMPT: YOU, The Writer

I just can't stop reading this over a million times. I would suggest no sequels, though- leave it at the point where you can't think of anything but tea bags. And be a great writer someday. That's that. Of course, it's your wish!:)

8 months

if i'm writing you a letter


Let me know if this review is worth writing back with a thank you 'dear'! :) Have a great day!

8 months