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Good Morning, even if it's night

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Keep on keeping on.

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this is an ode to the beauty for which i do not lust


This was an amazing read! Please take my words only as some observations by an uneducated reader. I'll admit I nitpicked a little lol. At the end of the day, you're the author, and you know your piece the most. All the best!!

2 days

It Stings Like Dandelion Corpses, That's What They Don't Tell You (feedback please!)


Overall I feel that this piece was just super layered with meaning, a very comfortable piece to read too. Felt slightly whimsical with the addition of many techniques. A few of these lines are gems- I love the opening quote! This is my first peer review so please forgive my slightly hamfisted approach. I also don't claim to be very good at analyzing pieces at all, so please take my word with a grain of salt! I respect every decision and revision that went into crafting this piece, it's beautiful already. This is just my personal interpretation of your words, and make of it what you wish :) Love your writing...all the best!

11 days