Sol noctis


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Let the darkness within spill out, you held yourself back for years, it has killed you inside really slow, why do you stitch that lie of a smile?

Published Work

Omnipresent Universal Consciousness

Then even nothingness was not, nor existence/ there was no air then, nor the heavens beyond it/ What covered it? Where was it? In whose keeping? Was there then cosmic water in depths unfathomed?

Then there were neither death nor immortality, nor was there then the torch of night and day/ The One breathed windlessly and self sustaining/ There was that One then, and there was no other.

At first there was only darkness wrapped in darkness/ All this was only illuminated water/ That one which came to be, enclosed in nothing, arose at last, born of the power of heat.

In the beginning desire descended on it- that was the primal seed, born of the mind/ The sages who have searched their hearts with wisdom know that which is, is kin to that which is not. 

Remnants of dyscalculia in my head...

The world seems to squeeze,
I cannot even escape. 

Those numbers crawl,
you don't believe me? 

that's okay, no one does.... 

but they crawl out the white board,
like little sickly black worms,
they're so ugly, grotesque,
wriggling and writhing 

they are coming towards me,
they are near,
just a centimeter away....... 

but then the bell rang.
it always saves me, 

I'm the first one to get up and move out... 
that monster near the board glares at me like I'm an alien,
but I walk out anyways,

At least I can breathe again.....


Flash Fiction Competition 2020


From my place in the shade it isn’t so bad, but the stink of bodies, all sweating with the morning work, is enough to make milk curdle. The air shimmers with heat and humidity, and even the puddles from yesterday’s storm are hot, swirling with rainbow streaks of oil and grease. I turn towards the huge lady sitting on the counter, and clear my throat. Seemingly, that got her attention.
“Oh, little one, are you lost?”
“Yes Miss.”
“So, what’s your name?”
“Ryan Mushtaf.”
The speakers bellowed, it filled me with hope, but somewhere deep I knew no one would come.

Community challenge week 2.....We are our own creators

Name: We are our own creators. 
Medium: that's pretty obvious.. Pencil..

I had drawn this a long time ago..... No particular inspiration..... But I have this belief that... We create ourselves... No one else. 
I haven't made any drawings recently.. Cause my hands are injured.... In a week or two I may be able to give y'all fresh art works... 

That's all... Have a super cool day ahead guys and gals!!!! 

Uhh try not being judgyyyy #CharacterQuirks

1. I'm very forgetful, actually it's not really that I forget's just that.....I usually get into a trance (whenever I'm alone... And that's almost all the time)..
It's like... I'm staring blankly at nothing.. I get up.. I wanna go to the washroom but I end up in the kitchen....I'm still in my trance.. I think for a while.. I realise I'm in the kitchen (face palms).. I go to the washroom....

2. I'm kinda superstitious lemme explain it in a simple way... I've a lucky jacket, a lucky spectacles, a lucky pair of sock, ohhh and the list goes on and on... 

3. I cannot stay still....and that's really a big problem sitting in classes which are super silent (of course, cause they are super boring), I literally can fiddle with anything... 

4. I've this bad habit of biting the end of the pen while thinking.. Oh c'mon.. Y'all don't need to go like "Yuckkkyyy" I don't  eat...

Do you remember at least something?!

Merlot streaks in flaky gold, that's how her eyes were, and they don't believe me? But they did.

What did you hear?

'Everything will be okay.'

That's all you remember? 

No, her soul was worn out, it was darker than black....

Varanasi...The Abode Of God...

The lanes of Banaras form a maze parallel to the river running between homes, palaces, and places of worship. They run serpentine or jagged, rarely at right angles to each other and only those born within them know their eccentricities by heart.
Walking through them you lose your sense of time, place, self, and are accompanied by a constant sense of discovery. The stone slabs play with scents and light, your senses and psyche. The air moving through the lanes of stone shifts from stillness to breeze. Sometimes the buildings breathe down to you, other times they seem to cradle you slowing your breath and pace of your thoughts.
Within rooms facing the street artisans work at hand looms and lathe machines. Wooden shuttles clatter as they weave silken threads into warp and weft. At crossings shopkeepers lay out spirals of betel leaves and jars of savory snacks. They pour steaming tea and ladle chilled yogurt into clay cups. You...


Everything about the afternoon was strange, the yellow ball in the sky was shining unusually bright, “Hmph!” snorted Eon, “And I thought google is never wrong!” he complained loudly. The sky was speckless, and it seemed as if the sun was gleaming brighter with every passing second as if to mock Eon.
He strode down the busy streets of New York, carefully examining the faces of every passer-by. He came to a sudden halt, and stood staring at a young slim boy who was standing on the porch of the café Burp!.
The boy shifted on his feet uneasily, his discomfort under Eon’s stare was clearly visible. Finally, after a minute or so he walked towards Eon, and feigned an amiable confusion, “Monsieur, bon après midi! If I’m not wrong, you are Doctor Eon Morgan from Scotla…..” Eon grabbed his arm and pulled him closer, annoyance clearly visible on his face, “Who else do you think would walk...

The also-artists community challenge...The Savior.

Name of the art work: The Savior. 
Medium: Acrylic on water colors.

This painting depicts Lord Vishnu in Varaha Avatar saving the earth.. 
As you all can see between his tusks is the Mother Earth, and he has just emerged from the sea.. 

*Varaha: it's a Sanskrit word for boar. 
* avatar: a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth

* The story of lord Vishnu saving the Mother Earth in the form of a boar goes on like this... When a demon named Hiranyaksha dragged the earth to the bottom of the sea, Vishnu took the form of a boar in order to rescue it. ... Then Varaha slew the demon and raised the earth out of the water with his tusks.

Remnants of dyscalculia in my head...

The world seems to squeeze,
I cannot even escape. 

Those numbers crawl,
you don't believe me? 

that's okay, no one does.... 

but they crawl out the white board,
like little sickly black worms,
they're so ugly, grotesque,
wriggling and writhing 

they are coming towards me,
they are near,
just a centimeter away....... 

but then the bell rang.
it always saves me, 

I'm the first one to get up and move out... 
that monster near the board glares at me like I'm an alien,
but I walk out anyways,

At least I can breathe again.....


The Assassin.

The long, dark, silken night, cascaded over the enclave,
silence is the only sound here,
I walk into the cold embrace of darkness,

'I've done it a million times, why is my skin all prickly?'
I touch the warm steel under my sleeve, 
for reassurance.

there she stood, another stranger,
but my would be victim,
in the dead of night, she seemed so little, so vulnerable.

in all that red silk, she seemed like a lone flame 
flickering, fluttering, quivering, in the woods,
on the verge of being blown out

'And here I'm darling, a little puff from me, and you are blown out.'
my limbs feel numb beneath me, 
my hands: just two wooden stumps,
'Whats happening? is it the coldness around, or within me?' 

'my heart carries fire, I'm faceless nameless, the bringer of death,
the one who frees the souls, I'm protector of the realm,
I've a heart, but it is darker than black, no one...

Valar Morghulis

All men must die,
And why not? It's less painful than living,
cause it's better to burn out than fade away.....

Casting away all the shadows, 
How'd you find which way is the sun?

All you can do is reduce your hopes
For your death is indeed near.

the trouble is, you think you've time, 
but who knows when is your time? 
or even right now! 

But do not fear, it won't stop your death 
from coming but it might stop your life.

you're dying,  I'm dying, 
every second, every minute, everyday
we're slowly getting ripped off, 

we cannot stop it, 
but yes, 
accept it.... 

Valar Morghulis......... 


Death Is Only The Beginning

On the ghats of Manikarnika,in the city of Banaras, 
the flames ablaze  on the pyres, 
the holy waters of Ganges gurgled about
as if unaware of the miseries which seeped all around. 

The sun was flaming bright and red, 
making the ghats look alike death,
the 100 fumes burning around 
seemed like the divine dance of Vishwanath,
gyrating with death and piroutting with sorrow, 
He taught the humans the reality of life. 

Whimpering over the dead is only a pity
for the soul will be alive for eternity, 
Who can teach one about life
better than the celestial Kashi?
the abode of the destroyer, 
but the city of serenity,

Now the ashes were to be flown in the mighty Ganges, 
taking them solemnly over to salvation, 

It was lord Buddha who was enlightened here, 
but for the mere mortals -
death is the abyss with musty air, 
dark looming shadows accosting them,
And with every step being dragged into the...

Names, Names, Names


A breakfast joint: Burp! 
A new smartphone: Cosmos x 
An eyeglasses store:  The Eye Seller-get yourselves a healthy pair of eyes! 
A dog pound: Critter killers!- Contact us within a few days or we'll kill your dog! Gracias. 
A highway: The One Way Highway. 
An island resort: The Creepy Isle Boatel. 
A new constellation: Nirvana 
A pet polar bear: milky 
A nail polish color: rocky pops! 
A new butterfly species: yellow mellow marshmallow( I know I know... It's against the rules of nomenclature) so I've one more..
Glittericus flutterino. 

They flew away..

They flew away, not like birds flying out of a cage, but like ghosts,
I looked into the mirror, and realized 
at least I'm not alone... 

Sometimes you just need to move on.

There he was, sitting on the branch,
Water scares everyone, 
He didn't jump, didn't fly, didn't even get off the tree. 
Just sat there and dried away, and away... 

Answers to the questions......


1. favorite topic? (to read about, to write about, 
to hear shouted in the streets) 
To read... I need dragons, swords,  and magic a bit. 
To write... I like writing about a lot of stuff... Myself, India, myself, history, and history.
To hear shouted in streets... I don't like noise... I wouldn't want anyone to shout on the streets. 

2. favorite genre? (to read, to write) 
Fantasy, and epic history.. To read as well as write. 

3. favorite color? (to wear, to see, to use) 
To wear: black.. Or anything darker than black.... 
To see: crimson. Ya I like looking at blood.
To use: black.

4. favorite memory? 
Uhh I don't have any favorite memory as such... I don't really like to remember anything good... I might have many bad memories... If you see my recent fav's that I've 37 followers!! 

5. favorite food? (sweet, savory, salty, spicy) 
Sweet: ohh I love sweets!!! And India is full of...

Jolly Molly the backyard squirrel attempts a high wire stunt for a peanut!!! #conficiens

On 12th of June, early in the morning, Jolly Molly, a brave little squirrel attempted a high wire act after spotting a peanut tied to a fishing line lying across the deck. This act was executed in the locus of the Raigu locality, specifically in the backyard of Miss Piggy.
The peanut was nearly an impossible task, but the clever critter got it done.
The president of The Association of Backyard Squirrels has declared that, Jolly Molly has proven himself/ herself as an expert funambulist, and now is going to lead the Squirelly Wallendians Troupe to fetch nuts from the backyards, of every homo sapien.

On the other hand, the former leader of the troupe, Ricky expressed his disapprobation by his sudden disappearance, from his appointed  backyard, which has created a lot of ruckus within the association.

However, TABS (The Association of Backyard Squirrels) have been progressing greatly, and Jolly Molly says that, he/she hopes to collect enough peanuts until...

Daddy will always remain daddy....

After my graduation ceremony dad smiles, "Congratulations! You're a big girl now."
Then holds my hand to cross the road. 

Okay... I'll say it again...

Everyone,  I've hosted a 35 followers q&a out there!!!! Okay wait it's 37 actually!!  That happened.. 
go check it out.. Please.... 

Conundrum (part 1)

In the shallows of darkness 
She'll bring brightness,

The subdued side 
Will gain back its blazing pride.
But before the jaunty lores
The nature will be hoarse,
The lonely skies will fill with cries,
The rivers will flood with blood 
The sunshine will not creep out the clouds,

The raging lords will bring devastation;
Beyond the saturation.

The beauty of marine 
Would come to the bay,
The masks everyone wears will no longer stay... 
Everything will be dead in red.
Blackness will erupt from every nook 
Till it reaches it's peak.
There will be left not a single crook,

No-one knows what happens next, 
But this is true to come, this will happen...

A day will come when someone will solve the unsolved enigma,
A day will come when there will be no me,  and no you,
Only the conundrum remains, 
Only the conundrum remains.....   


Mumbai is rich,
Mumbai is poor.
Mumbai is fast,
Mumbai is slow.

Little bit sweet,
and little bit sour.

Sometimes it's hot
but not too cold. 

Mornings are energetic
& evenings are electric.

Noons are lazy but
Nights are crazy..

And any one you ask,
he'll always say "I'm  busy"
Dude, life in Mumbai ''
Is not so easy...! 

There is lot of Masti with
little bit of Maska...

Welcome to the city that 
can't live, without Bollywood Chaska!

Sev puri, Vada Pav and bhel puri
are all Mumbai chaat..
Relishing it with spicy chutney is no easy art..

From popcorn to ice-cream, all sold on cart,

Mumbai o Mumbai you're always close to my heart.!

Where local trains
usually run on time,
And violently rushing
for a seat is not a crime.

Here 3 PM for lunch and
12 AM to dine,

People face hardships,
but still say "it's fine".!

From Siddhivinayak in Dadar
to Woodhouse Cathedral in Town, ...

Lock down is now really getting on my nerves.....

Never have I seen 
such a mess in life. 

The air is pure but 
wearing a mask is 

Roads are empty 
but it is impossible 
to go on long drive.

People have clean 
hands but there is a 
ban on shaking hands.

Friends have time to 
sit together but they 
cannot get together.

The cook inside you 
is crazy, but you cannot 
call anyone to lunch or 

On every Monday..
the heart longs for the 
office but the weekend 
does not seem to end. 

Those who have money 
have no way to spend it. 

Those who don't have 
money have no way to 
earn it.

There is enough time 
on hand but you can't 
fulfill your dreams. 

The culprit is all around 
but cannot be seen. 

A world full of irony! 
So be positive and 
Stay negative...


Writing Streak Challenge Week 8

Challenge Completed!!

Day 1
It's a different world through the window. 

Day 2
Two six- year- olds,  
one drenched in rain,  
the other forbidden to step out, 
Both wished to be on the other side of the window. 

Day 3
Open the windows of your mind, and  your soul would not be blind anymore..  

Day 4
Even through a broken window you look lovely. 

Day 5
No one other than a writer will ever understand that a writer is working when staring out the window...  

Writing streak week 8 day 5

No one other than a writer will ever understand that a writer is working when staring out the window...  

Time.....I never understood it indeed.

Somewhere between, "Don't talk while eating" and 
"At least talk with us while eating,"
we grew up.......... 

Writing streak week 8 day 1

It's a different world through the window. 

Writing streak week 8 day 2

 Two six- year- olds,  
one drenched in rain,  
the other forbidden to step out, 
Both wished to be on the other side of the window. 

Writing streak week 8 day 3

Open the windows of your mind, and  your soul would not be blind anymore..  

Writing streak week 8 day 4

Even through a broken window you look lovely. 

It's eyes, always the eyes..

"You're beautiful," I said. 
She slapped me,
I was oblivious to her acid marks, 
and she to my blindness.


I'm a stranger to myself......

I love myself the way certain dark things should be loved,
in secret,
between the shadows and the souls,

but I'm not sure, 
who I'm?, 
what I'm?, or
How I'm?
I'm not sure whether I'm one of those rare ones who live,
or the Others who just exist...... 
I'm not able to figure out the journey I ate on,
I've chaos ensconced within.... That's all I'm sure about...  

Getting Off

If you were asked to wash dishes,
such a boring chore....  
if you were asked to wash dishes, 
instead of going to the store! 
just drop one or two, 
no one would ask you to do it anymore......

The sky is bleeding.

The ripe juicy orange that hung out there, was peeling off its colors everywhere...

streaks of orange, Red ,and yellow
adorned the vastness, making the sky look like a mandala painting......

the clouds seemed like candy floss 
only if I could grab at them..
Oh! They would have tasted lovely!

crimson blood flowed out of creeks and crevices between the clouds,
I gazed at the artwork, my mouth agape.. 

could something have been more beautiful? 


Just think for a while.......

sweet smells cover
the foul ones,

but I think,
can that be the 
end of the foul smell?

bitter words are 
wrapped in honey 
and served,

but I think, 
will one never 
taste the true 

we cover ourselves 
with the thin blanket of 
so called morals, virtues, and values.....

but I think,
How long will the thin blanket sustain? 
it becomes a tattered rag only to expose what you are underneath the underneath........

Aren't we all fools???? 
scared of our own self........  
Running from our own self.......
I think we are.

My Heart Aches......

My heart aches when you say 
do not look back for it's just the past,
just look on straight for there's your path....

my heart aches when you brush your lips against mine, softly singing  to me 
your lovely song, cause I know it'll always remain a song.......

my heart aches out of longing, cause you lied to me, you said that you loved me, you said that you cared but you left me and I was so very scared.....

my heart aches knowing that it wasn't your fault, death comes uninvited to each and everyone, big or small.....   

my heart aches in the moonlight, and I wish on the stars that you were here instead of being there, but isn't time the master of all, I don't think so, but after all that's what you said.......