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Rebelliously obedient girl in the Big Apple that loves outdoors and likes to think, read, and write. Oh, and I'm also a pretty devout Muslim. My religion teaches me to spread the truth with compassion, and that's the vision I have with my writing.

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Stand for justice even when no one else is.

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Rivers Beneath Mansions

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In  Australia there are different suburbs, ranging from different prices based on how close they are to the water front. Parramatta is one of the most expensive, with penthouses giving you the ultimate view of the ocean from your toilet seat, so instead of looking at Instagram posts of people in Bora Bora and crying yourself through diarrhea, you can post pictures   om your toilet seat while you're having diarrhea and make other people cry through their diarrhea. And...

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    It’s no doubt that western society has grown more lenient to progressive views as generations pass. Women have more freedom than ever before, thanks to the rise of feminism. Many women choose to call themselves feminists because of the message this ideology calls for: equal rights and opportunities for all. Frankly, it does sound pretty, especially on paper. Reality is, the modern day practice of feminism does nothing of the sort. As a former feminist and young Muslim woman, I...

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The 7 Continents of the World

PROMPT: Write the Rainbow

I choked on air when I read this. You're funny.

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Two Girls

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She's sitting on the couch, aimlessly flipping through different channels, not giving a care in the world. She finally settles on a film, but only because it's the cool thing to watch right now. Her hair is chemically burnt, and in some odd knot, bobbling up and down with the motions on the television. She's in a big house, with a huge window next to her, overlooking the momentous yard stretching across the world. It's late at night, the moon...

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