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Sliced Euphoria (wip)

tw: smoking(?), implications towards suicide. stay safe <3

eu·pho·ri·a /yo͞oˈfôrēə/
a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.
    "the euphoria of success will fuel your desire to continue training."

    Do you remember that first day we met? I was walking out of the school, head down, after a long tutoring session. You held a cigarette in your mouth and lifted one hand to wave at me. That small paper cylinder fell out of your mouth and I watched, astonished, as you shrugged and grinded it into the floor with your shoe. Smoking on school grounds- unheard of, but you did it, and that was you, and I loved you. You told me that it made you feel better and would I like to try it and I said sure, why not, it would be my last chance. You handed one to me and I stuck it in my mouth and inhaled slowly as you muttered 1,...

For Lack of Better Terms,

For lack of better terms,
Be kind.
Treat others as you want to be treated.
Hug your parents,
Have fun,
Live in the moment, 
You are beautiful.
For lack of better terms,
Please use your inside voice,
Next time, remember to say thank you.
Oh don’t worry, she’s just shy-
It’s okay,
I still

For lack of better terms,
Bullying isn’t cool.
How would you feel if you were ______ ?
Your parents only want the best for you,
Enjoy childhood while you can,
Time is valuable- use it!
Take care of yourself, you are treasured.
For lack of better terms,
Be quiet.
Where are your manners?
Make more friends, it’ll boost your confidence.
You’re doing it, okay,
Moving on.

for lack of better terms,
stop being so angry.
you learned the golden rule in kindergarten,
we, (not you), know what’s best for you,
grow up.
stop wasting your time,
nobody likes one who only cares for themselves. ...

Writing Streak Challenge Week 7

Writing Streak (Week 7 Day 1) ~ Heart Tweets

    How would I know what it's like to love when all I've ever known are songs and stories? I don't think real life love is really just torn shirts and lemon lime candy and burning gravel driveways like they are in the books. Maybe there's more, maybe there's less. If I were to tell you that I really knew, I'd be lying, and that's one thing you don't want to do while in love- or, let's say while in a relationship. It sounds safer. Maybe I do know more about love then I think I do.

    I'd rather not be a cliche and say I want to rock under lanterns in a wooden rowboat, but I do want to break into water parks in the dead of night and taste strawberry chapstick ghosting on my lips as I lie awake in bed, and I want to let my feet twinge on cold tiles as you spin me around a kitchen...