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another story chain

Running my own short story chain went quite well! So, I've decided that I want to write a story just with one other writer to see how it would go. This time, there is no word limit, so you can be as creative as you'd like. So, if you're interested in writing a story with me and you'd like to be the first writer, please leave a comment saying that you'd like to be a part of this. The reason I'm doing this, is because..honestly I'm not sure, but I hope this does well. I think this would be like pen-palling but instead your writing a story. If that makes sense. Anyways, the first person to comment that they'd like to do this with me, will be writer I pick. 

NOTE: You have to be committed to writing and finishing the story.  You can't just give up. This applies to me too! 


Answers To All Your Questions

I know I said I was going to publish this piece on May 30, but I felt that I received enough questions. Also, I just couldn't wait to answer your questions! Although I said 5 questions per person, some of you asked more. I'm completely okay with this.  To be honest, I shouldn't have set a restriction for how many questions you were allowed to ask in the first place.  Before you begin reading my responses, keep in mind that my answers are just my opinion and I don't mean to offend anyone. Also, thank you to everyone who asked me questions. Anyways, I hope that you all get to know me a bit more!

Who's your favorite avenger? (I get funny answers out of this so :D)
My favourite avenger is Spider-Man. 

How old are you? o-o
I am 15 years old. 

Movie before the book or reverse?
I read the book before the movie, but I don't...

Challenge: Create A New Word!

About a few minutes ago, I came up with an idea which I thought would be quite fun. The aim is to create a new word.  The word should have a meaning to it too, obviously. After publishing a piece with your new word and it's meaning, you can put the hashtag #create so I know that you have participated. Once you have published your piece, don't forget to put the link to it in the comments of this piece. In about a week, I will be publishing a piece with all your words, including mine. I will put your name and a link to your profile too! From this, I want to create a mini dictionary, that I might do every month. I hope this will be a fun little challenge for everyone, so it would mean a lot if you'd participate! 

- cherryn

i couldn't help but smile

I saw you at the concert
(I didn't know you'd be there)

It was your turn to play
(She gave me a long stare)

Your hands glided across the piano keys
(She knew I was staring)

While you were playing, I couldn't help but smile
(It felt over bearing)


it hurts my brain

You say that life's not fair
But I guess you aren't aware
That when you complain
It really hurts my brain
Your insignificant phrase
Has had its days
I would like to recommend
You comprehend
That your complaints need to end
I do not mean to offend

I Wish They Had an App for That

i'm not sure if i made this up or not

I wish there was an app that provided you with a list of free books/stories/poems/messages to read based off your mood. For the app to work successfully, I'd assume that the users would be required to take a short survey, and based on their responses, some material would be found. For example, if you said that you were feeling sad, then the app would find you something uplifting to read.  This app might sound boring, but it's something that I'd download if it were an app. 


She's the type of girl who fears needles
She's the type of girl who is proud of her imperfections
She's the type of girl who is always multitasking during a zoom call
She's the type of girl who easily loses track of time
She's the type of girl who can be a hypocrite at times
She's the type of girl who has one leg longer than the other
She's the type of girl who wishes had her long hair back
She's the type of girl who thinks she has shrunk in height
She's the type of girl who likes mini things
She's the type of girl who tried to keep a bullet journal but never pursued it
She's the type of girl I am


DAY6 is a South Korean rock band, currently consisting of 5 members: Sungjin, Jae, Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon.  The band marked their debut on September 7, 2015 under the label JYP Entertainment with EP The Day, which peaked at No.2 on Billboard’s World Album Chart a week following its release. Fans of DAY6 are called, “My Day.” The band originally consisted of 6 members, however in February 2016, keyboardist Junhyeok left the group.

“Shoot Me,” released on June 26, 2018, is the third lead track of the mini-album Shoot Me : Youth Part 1. I first heard the song while scrolling through my Youtube recommendations, and I loved it after first listening to it! Despite the catchy lyrics, I really like the song because it has a deep meaning behind it. “Shoot Me” implicates a message of the unavoidable feeling of helplessness an individual experiences in life. This song was my first time...

can you relate?

When your friend tells you and your friends a joke, but you're the last person to understand it. 
I'm just really delayed. 

I really like the taste of the bubblegum toothpaste they have at the dentist.
I know I can't be the only one. 

When you spend all night finishing a class project, but the next day, the teacher extends the due date.
I really get really annoyed when this happens. 

When you answer a multiple choice question so confidently, but your answer isn't one of the choices. 
This has happened to me SO MANY TIMES.

Me: Sees something on my laptop/phone screen and smiles
Mum: Why are you smiling?
My brain: When I don't smile, you tell me to smile, but when I smile, you ask me why I smile...

I'm with you!

When you're in a hurry but you can't find a pair of matching socks, so you just throw a pair of random socks, hoping that no...

is it just me?

Is it just me that:

can't concentrate or come up with new ideas without music playing? - I have realised that I come up with the most creative ideas when I'm listening to music. Maybe it's just me, but I find it really difficult to concentrate when it's really quiet. For most people, they lose their train of thought or find or gets distracted when they are listening to music, but for me, it's the total opposite. 

sometimes puts sauce on pizza? - I have a friend who was so shocked when she saw me putting sauce, specifically, tomato sauce on my pizza. I honestly don't know why this is such a bad thing to do.  I mean, the combination tastes good! I might be out of my mind when I do it, but I hope I'm not the only one who does this.

likes close deadlines? - Now I'm definitely crazy, aren't I. My reasons for...

Things That I'm Grateful For

There is so much that I'm grateful for, but these are just a few of them. What are you grateful for? Let me know in the comments. 

Write The World - I am so grateful for WTW, because it has given me the opportunity to express myself in the form of writing. I have received such great advice from many of you, and that means so much to me. Without WTW, I don't think I would have improved in my writing skills. 

The blessing of every new day - Each new day is another day to become a better person, and learn from our mistakes. My mother always reminds me to say thank you for the new day, every morning. I think this a good habit to get into because it reminds us that we should be thankful for all that we've been blessed with. 

My sister - Having a sister has taught me so much! The...


Even though I'm still very new to WTW, I thought it would be nice to do an answering your questions session. I have seen other writers do this before, and I wanted to give it a try.  I feel like this will be a huge flop but that's okay. We live and learn! So, please feel free to ask me any questions, as long as they aren't too personal. If I don't feel comfortable enough answering a question, I will not answer it. If you have any questions for me, please leave no more than 5 questions per person in the comments section. I would really appreciate it if you would be creative with your questions. I will be publishing the answers to all your questions on May 30, but if I don't receive enough questions by then, I will do it at a later date. 

Thank you. 



Hi everyone! I've decided to host my own competition because I thought, "why not?" 

1. Title your piece with #cherry in it
2. Comment on this piece with the title, the prompt you chose, and a link to your piece

Imagine you're a famous person or a fictional character and write a diary entry from that person's/characters point of view. 
The person you choose can be a youtuber, singer, actress/actor, author, influencer, etc. There is no word limit!

Write a description of a famous person or a well known fictional character. Make sure not to mention their name in the description as this is like a guess-who game. I encourage you to create as clear a description as possible. There is no word limit! 

Write a letter to your future self. Be as creative as you'd like. There is no word limit! 

June 30, 2020.

July 7,...

pilifinatic #create

  1. The creator of dreams
"The pilifinatic gave me a nightmare."

True Self #IAmContest

I am a shy girl who hides her true self
I wonder if I'll ever meet someone who will understand me
I hear the voices reminding me that it's okay to be different
I see a world where there I am accepted by everyone
I want to find someone who I can trust
I am a shy girl who hides her true self 

I pretend I'm doing okay
I feel as if no one understands me
I touch the night sky
I worry about what others will think of me
I cry to sleep
I am a shy girl who hides her true self 

I understand that it's okay to be different
I say that we all need an understanding friend
I dream of finding happiness
I try to let go of the past
I hope to reveal my identity one day
I am a shy girl who hides her true self 

calling all k-pop fans!

I was really nervous about writing this piece, mainly because, I use to get a lot of hate for liking k-pop from people at school. I understand that k-pop fans can be a bit crazy at times, but aren't we all crazy sometimes about things that we are passionate about? And maybe k-pop fandoms can be a bit much at times, but I don't regret being a fan. I have been introduced to such amazing groups, not just BTS. I genuinely feel bad for those who don't know that there are groups other than BTS. For example, there's ATEEZ, GOT7, Stray Kids, NCT 127, NCT DREAM and many more! I'm calling all k-pop fans because I want to know if you'd be interested in me writing song reviews, introduction to [inset k-pop group] pieces. Please let me know int the comments if you'd like to see pieces like these from me. Being a k-pop fan for about 2 years now,...


I am compiling a list of films/shows/anime's/korean drama's that I want to watch, and I wanted to hear your recommendations! Before you comment your recommendations please read over the lists of some of my favourites:

- The Unlisted 
- The Umbrella Academy 
-  Marvel's Runaways 

- La La Land
- Spider-Man: Far From Home 
- Hunt For The Wilderpeople
- Avengers: Infinity War 
- Ant-Man and the Wasp 

- Stranger Things 
- The Maze Runner 
- Harry Potter 
- The Divergent Series 
- Now You See Me 
- The Hunger Games 
- Pirates Of The Caribbean 

- Your Name 
- Danganronpa 
- Erased
- Vampire Knight 
- Howl's Moving Castle 

- Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo 
- Crash Landing On You
- Strong Woman Do-Bong Soon 
- Cheese In The Trap 
- Suspicious Partner
- Pinocchio 
- Andante
- Love Alarm
- School 2017
- Hotel del Luna
- Romance Is A Bonus Book
- Boys...

Fake #126

If there's something that irritates me, it's the fake hug. When people give me fake hugs, it feels so artificial and insincere. I call it the fake hug, because it's technically not a hug. It's more like putting your arm around someone's shoulder without barely touching that person. Sometimes I try to avoid it, but other times I end up being dragged into the hug. There's no harm in receiving a fake hug but it's how I feel afterwards. Sometimes I wish I had the courage to say, "either hug or don't hug." I soon realized that I wasn't the only victim of the fake hug, and somehow I felt relieved but even more annoyed. I SAY, BAN THE FAKE HUG!

Reverse (Edited)

I am proud of my mistakes. In fact, my life wouldn't be worth living if my life were perfect. If I had the offer to fix the mistakes I have made, then I would deny the request. Making mistakes forces me to try better next time, become braver and reminds me that I'm not perfect. 

Adam Osborne once said "The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake - you can't learn anything from being perfect."  Making a mistake means that there is something I need to improve on. It's one thing to to make the same mistake and another to create new mistakes. When I am creating new mistakes it's as if the mistake is telling me to step out of my comfort zone, and try better. A time when I was forced to put myself out there was after making several mistakes in my piano exam. Although the mistakes were just a result from anxiety, I prepared...

Forever - Short Story Chain

I've never met someone as in love with the world as Ozzy Perez. Not before I met him, and certainly not after.  
He was a hopeless romantic, with those rose-tinted glasses superglued to his face. He believed that there were no good or bad people, only people. He worshipped the icecream gods and constantly sacrificed his own physique in the name of them. He abused his hair; dyeing it, chopping it up, covering it in mud, the list could go on for miles. His skin was sunburned, while mine was sun-kissed from being dragged along beside him. His smile was rarely gone, especially after he got his braces removed.  
We never really talked. He would drone on and on about whatever was on his mind, constantly changing subjects. I was good at hearing. Listening, not so much. I had a short attention span, always spacing out- 
"-And this absolute masterpiece of a musical ends with the words: 'Never surrender cause...


19 Things To Give Up

A list of 19 things I believe that we should give up if we want to be happy:

  1. Give up the tendency to complain
  2. Give up the need to be liked by others 
  3. Give up putting yourself down
  4. Give up pretending your problems don't exist
  5. Give up your excuses
  6. Give up trying to do everything yourself
  7. Give up taking the shortcuts 
  8. Give up the fear of failure
  9. Give up trying to be someone you're not
  10. Give up looking for a reason to get started
  11. Give up doing something to 'fit in' 
  12. Give up blaming others
  13. Give up worrying about mistakes you've made in the past
  14. Give up doing things without taking a break
  15. Give up letting hurtful comments get to you
  16. Give up the need to be right
  17. Give up comparing yourself to others
  18. Give up waiting until the time is right 
  19. Give up being attached to material things 

Teardrop Of India


Sri Lanka appears as a teardrop-shaped gem off the southern tip of India, thus receiving the nickname "Teardrop of India." The country was formerly known as Ceylon after the British Colony of Ceylon gained independence in 1948. However, in 1972, the country became a republic within the Commonwealth. Therefore, its name was changed to Sri Lanka. If you aren't aware, Sri Lanka is not part of India as many believe. The country is split into provinces; the Southern and Western provinces are the most popular areas to visit. The Western Province is where the main airport, Colombo, is located. Colombo is located just north of the most pristine beaches you will ever see. 

Sirimavo Ratwatte Dias Bandaranaike, became the world's first non-hereditary female head of government in modern history, when she became Prime Minister of Sri Lanka in 1960. She was born on 17 April 1916 in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka and died on 10 October 2000 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

Melancholy Song Prompt #2 Reverse

Life is an experience that should only be lived once. The mistakes we make are what shapes us into who we are.  If I had the chance to fix the mistakes I have made, then I would be in a very different place right now. I wouldn't have gained the knowledge that I have today, which is something that I am very thankful for. If I don't make mistakes in life, then I am not living, because making mistakes is what makes us human. My life wouldn't be worth living if my life were perfect. If I were to change something that I have done in my life, then that would result in everything thereafter to change. So, if I could wish for anything to be reversed, it would be to remove the word 'reverse' from the dictionary. 

Names, Names, Names

Name It

A breakfast joint- Breakfast Club

A new smartphone- Smarties 

An eyeglasses store- Now You See Me 

A dog pound- Who Let The Dogs Out! 

A highway- Highway To Heaven 

An island resort- Isola Tropicale 

A new constellation- Stella 

A pet polar bear- Snowflake

A nail polish color- Blue Flame 

A new butterfly species- Mariposa 

Outsiders #Howdy_3

Cleo: A 15-year-old girl who is a foster child, who is shy around most people. 
Callie: A 15-year-old girl who is foster child, with a bubbly personality. 

[Cleo and Callie are walking home from school. Callie is going on about something, and Cleo is barely listening.]

CALLIE: Cleo, what's wrong? You've been more quiet than usual. 

CLEO: There's something I've wanted to tell you, but I didn't know how. 

CALLIE: Omg, what is it? You have to tell me! Wait..have you finally fallen for someone?

CLEO: Callie!! 

CALLIE: Okay, I'm sorry, I should have said that a bit more quietly. Anyways, spill! Who is it?

CLEO: Omg, I have not fallen for anyone! 

CALLIE: Then what is it?

CLEO: I feel like you won't believe me. 

CALLIE: Don't say that! I'd believe you no matter what. 

CLEO: If I tell you, you have to promise me that you you'll keep it a secret. 

CALLIE: Promise. 

CLEO: Umm..


CLEO: ...

The Day I Lost You

It was January 1, 2018 or otherwise known as New Year’s Day. I had just woken up and immediately checked my notifications as per usual. Besides all the social media posts, I had one unread message that was urging me to open. Without any hesitation, I pressed my finger against the notification.
“Good morning! Well it probably won’t be such a good morning when you read this message. I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be moving overseas.  For good. I didn’t want to tell you earlier because I didn’t want you to hate me. I’m sorry for sounding so blunt.  It’s just I never really knew how to tell you this. Please be okay.”

As I read the message, my face fell. 

My only friend, Cordelia, was leaving me, and for the first time I didn’t know how to reply. I left her on ‘read,’ which she’s probably going to hate me for. But...

Good Vibes

Recently, AutumnRain recommended me a song called "Good Vibes" by East of Heaven, featuring Russell Vista. I decided to write a review on it because I feel that everyone should give the song a listen. Good Vibes is honestly such a vibe, and is so underrated! When I put on my headphones, I feel like I'm the only person in the room. I feel at peace and it makes the good times come rushing back. My favourite line of the song is "let go like there's no tomorrow." This line is significant, because it reminds us that we should live in the moment. No matter how many times we have heard this before, it's such a good feeling to let go sometimes. I think this song has such an important message. To me, this song tells me to be happy. Genuinely happy. However, to do that, first I have to relax. I can't force the happiness. It's something that comes when...

Me At 15; For My Future Self

Dear Future Self,

Hey! How are you? Are you happy?

It's currently May 2020 and you're 15 years old. You're 161 cm tall. I'm sure that you haven't grown much in height, lol. I bet by the time you read this, a lot has happened.

I hope you're still writing and creating. Do you still like dancing? Have you started dancing classes yet? How are they going?

I just wanted to let you know, that you should be proud of yourself. You have come so far, and it's important that you don't let yourself down. Never let anyone make you think less of yourself, because you are worth more than you know.  Although you have been through many hard times, there will be many more of these obstacles. Going through these hardships will help you grow into a stronger and better person. Also, just remember, that if you aren't making mistakes, then you aren't living. 

Keep smiling, and stay strong. 


Let The Short Story Chain Begin!

Thank you to those who expressed their interest for the short story chain. In this piece I will explain the rules for this short story chain. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments. 

First Writer: batman_is_a_cracker 
Second Writer: best at procrastinating 
Third Writer: AG Bibliophile 
Fourth Writer: SunV
Fifth Writer: cherryn (me)


  1. batman_is_a_cracker will begin by writing the first 300 words to the short story. The story should not be complete, as the next person should be able to continue it.  
  2. Once the 300 words is written, batman_is_a_cracker will title the piece #chain1
  3. Publish the piece and allow for peer reviews. 
  4. Next, best at procrastinating will copy and paste the 300 words written by batman_is_a_cracker and continue the story. Ensure, that you do not finish the story. 
  5. Once another 300 words is written, title the piece #chain2
  6. Publish the piece and allow...

Short Story Chain

Hi everyone! So I recently came up with an idea that inspired me from something I saw on the internet. The idea is to have a short story chain. How this will work is that one person will begin by writing no more than 300 words to a story. When this person has finished writing the first 300 words, they will put #chain1 in the title of the piece. Then the next person will copy and paste the first 300 words of the story and continue it by writing another 300 words. However, after this person has written another 300 words, they will put #chain2 in the title. So if your the third person to write, then you will put #chain3 in the title. The last person to write will have the opportunity to decide the title of the story. This person to write should finish off the story within 300 words. If you would like to participate in this...


I wish people were more kind. Genuinely, kind. It's not a lot that I'm asking for, but if my wish became true, then I believe this world we live in would become a better place. A kind, and safer place. The fact that some people bully others just to let their anger out, or that others "can't be bothered" to be nice to people. Doing something kind for just one person can change that person's life. When I was the new girl at my current school, a girl who I didn't even know shared her notes with me. I was obviously struggling in that subject, so the fact that she did that for me is something I won't forget. Her deed may have been small, but to me, it was the beginning of a new friendship. After being friends with her for about a year, I realized just how grateful I was to know her. The way she considered others...

Proud #inside

My dreams are realistic. If anyone were to ask me what my dream is right now, it is to be proud of myself of something I've accomplished, knowing that what I did wasn't for my benefit. I want to achieve something beneficial to others. Whether it's helping out my community or doing something as small as saying hello to a stranger. Although I have done these things in the past, it doesn't make me a better person as I haven't continued doing these acts of kindness. I want to become a better person through the actions I take, but sometimes I don't have the courage. This is an important dream that I have, because one day when I leave this Earth, I want to have done good to others and helped those in most need. Therefore, if I continue living my life the way I am now, I won't be becoming my best self.  

Self Love Playlist

These are a few songs from my current playlist. I chose the songs based on which ones made me feel the most happy.  

Song: Love Myself
Artist: Blake McGrath

Song: Hang On To Yourself

Song: Battle Symphony 
Artist: Linkin Park

Song: Pop Hits (Ultimate Mash Up Cover)
Artist: Yohani

Song: Good Life
Artist: One Republic 

Song: Neverland
Artist: Zendaya

Song: Mona Lisa
Artist: VALNTN (w/ Peter Fenn) [feat Tray Haggerty]

My Top 10 Things To Do In May

Let's see how many of the following things I will be able to complete by the end of May. I will upload how I went by the start of June.

  1. Walk at least 10,000 steps everyday for a month 
  2. Learn how to introduce myself in Japanese
  3. Learn how to introduce myself in German
  4. Start a blog 
  5. Purchase a magazine
  6. Finish a book series
  7. Create a new recipe
  8. Have a picnic 
  9. Dance in the rain 
  10. Win a competition

If Only

She spun around endlessly, as if no one was watching her. In that plain field, she could be young again. There was no one in sight. Not one person that could criticize her. However, the air had a strange bitterness to it. She could taste it from the tip of her tongue. As she spun, all the memories that seemed faint, slowly became clear. She thought to herself, "how marvelous would my life have turned out, if I hadn't made such a mistake." The burden she held caused so much pain. Not only to herself, but to those who knew her. "If only time could be turned back," she pondered. 

Five Years From Now

Five years from now, I will be 20 years old. Wow! Isn't that crazy? I honestly don't know where I would be in 5 years time, even though I know what job I want to have. In the next five years, I want to have made lots of memories that I can look back on. I want to have a part-time job in the near future, and possibly buy my own concert tickets. I want to have ticked off everything on my bucket lists and accomplished all my school related goals. There is so much I want to do between the ages of 15 and 20, but before I do anything, I need to have my attitude fixed. Writing all my wishes down won't accomplish anything, so if you're reading this right now, I advice to you to go and accomplish your goals and dreams. Although I'm not the best person to get advice from, not that you asked for...


My last words were, "Bye." I wanted to say so much more, but I knew I'd cry. As I walked passed the schools gates and to my mum's car, kids I didn't even know were waving bye to me. I felt as if my life was being torn a part.  As if I'd never be able to see these people again. I was leaving for good, in fact, I was moving to another country. A country where I would be starting all over again. I was use to moving places, but this felt different. I was part of a family, and now it felt like I was abandoning them. Although I was use to change, I certainly didn't like it. 

It has been over two years since I have moved to Australia, and so much has happened to me, but also to my family. Many times, I had lost hope that things would be okay. Sometimes, I want to go...

The Phone Call (Based on a True Story)

I woke up, opened the blinds and walked into the living room. The phone suddenly rang. Still half asleep, my mum told me to answer the phone.  "Hello, is this Mrs Smith?” an elderly woman’s voice questioned. I handed the phone to my mother, and immediately a sad expression filled her face. Eventually, the call ended.  “Get in the car, I will explain everything to you on the way,” my mother said quickly. Without any hesitation, I did exactly as she ordered. 

As my mum was driving, she explained all that she could. “Your father is in hospital.” As she said this, a tear trickled down her face.  I didn’t know how to react, what to say or think. I sat there speechless, unaware of the situation my father was in. 

Finally, we reached the hospital. While we waited in the emergency department, my mother was pacing the room back and forth. A nurse entered the room and allowed us...