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friendship is a verb

PROMPT: Friendship Tweet

friendship is a verb
sailing the in-between hours
half asleep / beneath waves of fatigue
whispered calls / fevered dreams 
slowly, slowly, horses of the night
candles flicker with flames that hope to never die
those ethereal hours where memories are made and secrets are spilled

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mathemusician ∩ the epiphany of schrödinger's cat

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition: 2021

when i was twelve i had a choice
between music and math
between my piano or pi
and between the two points i chose the
arithmetic path
from the divide i chose to
and subtract music till it 
approached zero
infinitesimally small, hushed up

and every day i drift further away
from sonatas to analyze spheres
and i feel and i fear
that the melodic side of me will
amidst geometric lines

i am a treble...
Seeking Peer Reviews

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