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Food: The Fine Line Between Enjoyment and Overindulgence

PROMPT: Food Writing Competition 2020

Food: The Fine Line Between Enjoyment and Overindulgence
I used to think that food was simply a way to refuel your body, that you only ate to continue living. A means to survive, a topic to discuss, an object to indulge in. Nothing more. But now I see the truth. Food can influence, it can bring families together, be a conversation starter, or something to look forward to.
But food can also be a weapon. It can become an...
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PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2020

The sky is illuminated by your splendor
Ancient oaks bow in greeting, humbled before your majesty
Newborn pines break the surface as they welcome your tender warmth
The start of a new day
Meadowlarks tell their tales in a soft, sweet melody
Northern winds respond, carrying their message far and wide
The tune of life’s foundation has been composed
A frivolous descant at which the world finds its meaning
The murky darkness of the deep recoils from your...

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