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"I am going to make it through this year, if it kills me"- the mountain goats, this year.

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Police Brutality In India Deserves Your Attention

Sign this petition to arrest the police officers involved:

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"i hope the next decision you make brings you happiness" <3- chrysanthemums&ink

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"hating ketchup isn't a personality trait" they said. #CharacterQuirks


1. This is the one thing that comes back to haunt me in every single one of my online classes. Every single time that a friend of mine makes a joke, I only find it funny about half an hour later, mostly when I'M ON A CALL. with other people. I just erupt into *shy boi* giggles and smile all the time, and it's usually about this TikTok meme that may or may not have featured a dismembered Debby Ryan...

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there's a raging fire going on in the inside of my own head, so forgive me for not staying positive


you are content. you can't remember the last time you were whole/it's like you break yourself into sizable bits/digestible/you tell yourself/breathe in, out/rinse, swallow & repeat/ dinner sits heavy in your stomach. it was stale chicken, sterilised under flickering tubelights of family dinners you wished were less lively. they are more often than you would like, followed by shrivelled cards, in the back back back of your wardrobe. the games wardrobe, it was called,as if they weren't stewing there,...

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