United States

I'm 17
I really enjoy writing
short stories and poems

Published Work

A poem about love.

When those I've loved are lost
I thought my love went with them
but that is not the case
for I am love.
I have found it deep within
I have found it in between
the creases
the curves
the folds of my skin
I am love.
It is in me
it travels through my brain
I give a little
the people take
it stays pulsing through my veins
I am love.
and love is me
this I choose to believe
it's in all of us
so beautifully
it glows like balls of energy

My room = My mind

They say the way you keep your room reflects your mind
and I think they're right.
My room is messy
but not in the way that I know where everything's at
in the way that I never invite anyone over
because I don't want them to see the mess
in the way that I've hidden things like my feelings so well
that I can't even find them
in the way that the photos on the wall are ruined with age
some so distorted I can't even tell what they were, like my memories
in the way that I wish the bitter cold would go away
but like depression, it never does
in the way that everything is everywhere and nothing is where it's supposed to be
like my knowledge during exams
in the way that i wish I could get out but I know I can't
not until it's clean
not until it's fixed

PLEASE READ short story (only 2000 words)

There in her living room, Francesca sat on the couch looking at the news for the first time in a couple of weeks or so. She tried to avoid looking at the news since most of the time, it was just depressingly boring. Though sometimes, if she was lucky, she would hear some fantastic lie from the one and only president  “...more people are going to die if we allow this to continue to happen…there’s gonna be suicides. People wanna go back to work.” 
Great, more news about people dying. She thought. She turned off the TV and went into her room. She usually went into her room for quality alone time so she could just sit in the silence and think but lately the silence was loud, fighting with her thoughts and it seemed to be driving her crazy. It’s safe to say her thoughts were negative.
Some people were getting sick.
Some were dying. 
And some were...

Why should I love you?

why do seconds feel like hours 
why do hours feel like days 
why does my big ol' heart break
every time that you're away 
I mean, it's like
Dark nights turn to daylight 
and all I feel is pain 
I'm constantly living in fear 
that I'll make a big mistake 
like what if I say "I love you" 
I do, but I don't want to
you break me down 
and walk away 
and I keep falling under 
why the hell should I love you 
at night
that's what I wonder 

A new start

It hurts to know that I am no ones first choice. I am no ones favorite. I am not the one they are afraid to lose. I am the one that is afraid of being lost. I am afraid of losing. I am not worth the fight. I am not the one you think about enough to start a conversation. I am not the one you come to for advice. I am always the last to know the oh-so-important news that happened two weeks ago. I am not in the group chat. I am not in the group circle. I am not invited to hang out. So then why am I here? Why do I stick around? Why do I concern myself with how you're doing when you don't even care if I'm still alive? I'm starting to think that it's better to be lonely than to be invisible. It is better for me to walk away than wait...

I don't know what to title this...

"Don't fall in love" would be great advice 
had I ever been told 
even moreso, it is advice easier said than done.
If you say "don't jump into love"
I will not jump 
and if you say "don't dive..."
surely enough, I will not dive 
but to say "don't fall?"
I will ask how.
because it is not like
tying my shoelaces to prevent tripping
but instead like 
tripping over utter nothingness 
and then stumbling into that special someone.
It is then that I fall
but it is when I look into their eyes 
that I get lost.
So then how do I fall out?
It is dark but I am happy,
only I am scared and I keep falling.
Wishing that I will soon meet the bottom of this pit
and hoping they are there at the bottom to catch me.
I am grasping at the air
because now I am blind and cannot see
all your devilish deeds  ...

Would you forgive me?

Would you forgive me?
if I showed up at your door,
with presents and chocolates and roses galore?
Would you forgive me?
if I held out my hand,
and gave you a diamond, the size of the land?
Would you forgive me?
if I wrote out in blood,
all of my plans, to fulfill with my love?
Would you forgive me?
if I stood up on stage,
and read out a list, of all my mistakes?
Would you forgive me?
if I looked in your eyes,
held both your hands, and apologised?
I don't think that you would, 
so I won't do any of the above,
I'll simply say "sorry"
and hope that it's enough.

Do you ever wish?

Do you ever wish? 
That you could disappear into a hole of utter nothingness? Into a peaceful unconsciousness? Like a dream? A simulated reality. A beautiful utopia.
Do you ever wish?
That you could be like the person that sits across from you in class? With the radiating glow of a million stars? That outshines the moon.
Do you ever wish?
On your birthday candles? On the stars? On the airplanes?

A house and a home are not one and the same

A house is not a home.
I walk in the house and I
lay my head down. and thank the lord that I 
have a place 
to stay for the night.
It is cold. and dreary. and
I feel empty,
but it is dry and. 
I am not outside. 
But I look to you and 
I find home. 
You are warm and cozy.
You are loving and I am safe.
The air here, is flavored love.
and you taste...
You taste like happiness.
it is beautiful in the morning, when 
the birds sing, and the sun 
And you are with me.
And we are together...
And we are home.

I wish I could say, It was a harmless mistake

and turning
you loved me
I was learning 
now I’m falling
but you’ve let go 
you don’t care 
now I’m hurting 
reverse card 
you placed it 
you’re hurting me
on purpose?

I can't change my mind right now.

We are born. Alone.
We die. Alone.
We cry. Alone. 
We laugh. For fun? 
Call you. By phone. 
You think me. Bothersome. 
I’m sorry I love you. 
You are clearly.
Not the one.


I never take good advice.
I never stop at enough. 
You don’t know that I love you 
But I love, way to much.

I try to take a breath.
Emotions filling my lungs. 
You cling to my mind,
Like a song that I’ve sung.
You don’t even see.
That I’m falling for you. 
So how do you catch me? 
You don’t know that it’s true. 

I know I can’t blame you.
So I don’t even try.
I just sit in my room. 
Alone. and I cry.

We are fallen Angels

My heart can't beat for two.
My heart don't beat for you.

I've fallen it's true. 
but I can get up just as quick.
If you aren't willing,
to fall too.

Do you think me a fool?
because I do 
I shouldn't fall so fast
and that's my issue  
I know that I will
When I'm falling for you 

I want an "us"
but I am too late 
you left me behind 
without a single trace
I'd say thinking of you
was but a huge waste 
but that isn't true 
cuz I still got a taste 

i won't say sorry

I never stop at enough 
Don’t know when to shut up 
I’ll regret it later 
But right now I’m having fun

I won’t say that I’m sorry 
Knowing I am 
I’ll just let you keep thinkin’
I don’t give a damn

It’s not right to be this way 
But I can’t turn it off
When I look at your face now
I get so lost

Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2020

I Don't expect Forgiveness

I am the darkness
darker than night
I just
couldn’t stand the thought
Of holding you tight 
So I pushed you away 
It’s not right.
It’s not right but what about 
My side.
I just wasn’t ready 
For you to become
My light.
I know it’s too late. 
But I apologize. 
My heart doesn’t function.
correctly. Sometimes. 

I wish I didn't fall...completely

We fall. We break. 
because of the choices. 
We make.
but we still take 
the chances 
so we still fall
If love was everlasting,
would it still 
be so hard?

My heart cracks a little.
it doesn't break.
just cracks. 
everytime you walk past me,
without paying me
a glance.

Can I tell you just one secret?
One as true a they come. 
I've fallen hard for you.
but this "falling"
ain't fun

We are fallen Angels

My heart can't beat for two.
My heart don't beat for you.

I've fallen it's true. 
but I can get up just as quick.
If you aren't willing,
to fall too.

Five Line Fiction

Into Dystopia

It was late and the air in the room was humid. I looked past the intimidatingly hefty man and saw someone staring at me and my heart leapt into my throat. Did he know of my infraction. I felt a presence behind me but upon turning around I everything went completely black. I don't know how much time had passed but I woke up in a dark room with a gun pointed at my head.