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'cosmogyral' means to twirl around the universe, but you can just call me caleb.

i have a fanclub, i don't know how to feel about that. be careful, dmoral might fight anyone who tries to remove her from her office as self-proclaimed president.

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soldier, poet or king?


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1. The names I bounced between were "a series of odes to the stars i plucked from the sky" and " To the fools who steal sorrows".

2. I actually didn't expect to get so many likes, even an average of 4-5 per poem was huge to me, I got two or less on any works I published before my return to the site in September.

3. "I am not a Mononoke." was a very prominent title idea. Meaning to...

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an ode to the stars i stole from the sky no.1


A collection of stars.

 I. an ode to the stars i stole from the sky,
it is neither day or night
i see my reflection in the black glass beneath me,
and the fires tame the horizon.
    you are here, surrounding me,
whispering, watching, evolving.
tell me your name.
    you who has trapped me in my own cage,
tell me your name.

    last night, i was laying on my bed, watching my lights,

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This is a leisurely slow read, I wanted to savour it because it was so nice, and so warm. When I reached the end, I truly wasn't ready to leave.

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